28 January 2011

Where do Babies come From anyways?

i can finally talk about being pregnant and breathe easy. Do you know how HARD it is to keep a secret, especially when it is your own secret AND its something that makes you happy like super excited happy. 
Babies make everyone happy, don't they? Except for the crying kind, but i intend to only have non crying babies. Rick will be on Cry Baby duty, from what i hear, he's a pro.

And i think that i love being pregnant, well, sort of. I mean i'm super excited about the baby. I think I've wanted a kid since I was a toddler. Loved my dolls. When i was little, i used to watch TV while lying on my stomach and propped up on my elbows, probably how most children watch. Well, I would feel my heart beat in my belly because of the way i was resting on it, and i would think that i was pregnant. Ok, clearly ridiculous but i had no idea where babies came from and i have no idea when i found out.

Mom got pregnant when I was 5, almost 6. I got to watch her belly grow, but it was much later in life when i learned the exact mechanics of HOW they got there. I didn't care to know. Babies were so cute and cuddly and they SMELL SO GOOD! I intend to breast feed forever just to keep my kid off that solid food poop. Oh my it is the nastiest stuff. I have changed thousands of diapers, but still... it makes me cringe.

I started babysitting outside of home at the age of 11, and my first job was for a newborn and a toddler. I think the mom thought I was my sister (and 13) because they figured out my age at the end of the night when they dropped me home, and never called again. but i did a good job, i even did the dishes because once the kids were asleep, i had to do something to earn the money. I didn't learn until later that i could just sit around and watch TV. I pulled my first tooth at age 13. We were so afraid she would swallow it in her sleep that her parents were ok with it if i could just get it out. And i did. Her name was Amanda Holmes. My goodness, she must be 22 by now. Hard to imagine. And then my all time favorites, the Dugas family. Of course there were countless of kids in between, but I was babysitting for them at 14, and a regular by 15. Just this summer the second oldest colored a picture for my office and wrote "love you gigi" They are my heart and i'm so excited to finally have my own kids. But the Dugas kids are the kindest, most considerate, thoughtful, and loving! I have never heard them say anything nasty to anyone or about anyone, and i've been around them for 16 years! Their mother set a great example for them to follow!

I know babysitting isn't the exact same as having your own kid, but its the best practice you can get and I know what i'm facing. I used to watch my nephew while my sister would leave town. That was fun. One baby is easy. Once the second comes i think the challenge begins. I always said i wanted four, but we will see how it goes. I will try with one at a time, God willing.

As for me: My pants are starting to get tight at the waist, especially when i sit. I'm about 13 weeks now, so i'm expecting to grow soon. I've gained some weight but mostly in the good places that all women like to gain. Ok i should say "most" women, but because I had lost weight before i got pregnant, i'm not rushing to the store just yet. Seems anytime I gain/lose weight that is where i am affected first. I'm just ready for this cold weather to end!

I think i will suffer through the summer with nice flowing dresses. I love dresses and how else will i find comfort in the heat?  Lots of Air Conditioning! And we will see how cool the Gulf stays during the heat of the summer. Perhaps the pool will have a chiller on it.

As far as names I definitely have a girls name picked out, and no Rita, its not what you think it is. We mostly have a boys name picked out, but we're still batting around a few.  Rick and I have firmly agreed that until the baby comes, we will likely keep the name a secret. That way, we are entitled to change our mind, and we can easily avoid the speculation and skeptics that have something negative to say about it. Once the baby is here, I DARE you to make fun of his name.  yes i said him but don't let that change your opinion. We still have 5 weeks and 5 days to go until we find out the sex assuming the baby cooperates and i'll gladly eat my words if it is a girl because I REALLY like the name i have picked out and really am struggling over boys names. I know, we have plenty of time which is why we have spent very little time discussing it up to this point. Until you know the sex you have a sea of names, at least when you know the sex, you can narrow it down to one gender, and if i die in child birth, the baby will be called jennifer, regardless of its sex.  :) Just seeing if you were still reading. Happy Weekend to All!


  1. It doesn't matter what you name your baby....he/she will hate the name.

  2. Did you change your idea for a girls' name??? I liked it......but then there is Rita Judy or Judy Rita Beeman, has a nice ring don't cha think?

  3. Yea I did and I'll probably change a few more times. I am a woman and I'm pregnant so it will prolly change a lot :)
    And no I will not name it after you or my mother. Sorry.
    Either way, it's gonna be a boy so It will have to wait for the next one.

  4. okay, don't know your mom's middle name, but mine is Louise......so Louise____________or _______________Louise, now there's a thought. And BTW, it's a girl. Haven't spoken to you in quite some time, know you're busy, but call me

  5. geez louise. is not gonna happen. i have my reasons.
    This is EXACTLY why i am not going to share the name until the baby is here :)

  6. I was just kidding.................I'm sure whatever you guys choose will be beautiful and the baby will be too. My mom's name was Esther and Don's mom's name was mollie so she always teased us about the baby being called mollieesther as in pollyester or however you spell that. JUST A LITTLE HUMOR.....No more name teasing, sorry if you were offended