25 January 2011

Number One of 2010!

NUMBER ONE of 2010 aka - What a surprise!!
So, i feel like the girl who cried wolf and almost wanted to wait until April first to make this post!

As I said in #2, Rick's surprise visit was quite the surprise!
He initially had planned to arrive 10 days after he actually came, but work came up and he had to change his flight around. Not that I had any clue that this was going on because until the knock on my door, i had no idea he was leaving the Middle East for a quick trip to see me!

A few weeks ago, i talked about entering the next stage of my life.

One surprise has turned into another and assuming everything is going ok, Rick and I are having a BABY!

Yes, you read that right. Let me say it again. We are due the first week of August, and in just 6 weeks and a day, we will know whether or not we are having a boy or girl. Because if you read the part about me not liking surprises, that would be one of them.  How can i not plan ahead for a little boy or a little girl?? So two pleasant surprises for 2010! First Rick arrives in NC then Baby Bee shows up on the radar! I can't wait for what 2011 has in store.

We found out almost 2 months ago, MUCH TO MY SURPRISE, and I am just a little over 12 weeks, I have gained very little (if any) weight, my stomach is still mostly flat unless i eat a large meal, and my size 4's fit just fine, which sort of makes me smile, but i'm pretty sure all this will change in a matter of days if not minutes. I have had no morning sickness (just some nausea). 

I feel so blessed to have been able to conceive so easily. I have so many friends that have suffered through infertility, in vitro, and the like, so I have witnessed the frustration/desperation that people to endure to be where I am now enough to feel genuinely blessed.  Despite my mother and sisters quick success with child rearing, I always thought that I was going to suffer through months of trying. (We knew that Rick was fertile, well, at least 13 years ago!) We were actively practicing the "Rhythm Method" up till now, to avoid pregnancy, with 100% success! (clearly) This was literally our first REAL effort to make a baby, and I really had no idea that we would get pregnant on the first real try. I say this not to boast because trust me, it is just as big of a surprise to me as it is to you. But just to say, you never know what is going to happen, as the number one side effect of unprotected sex is, in fact, pregnancy! i actually don't know if that is a fact, but it sounds good to me and i'm probably right. Most of the time i am! (ask Rick). I actually had to pee on two sticks the end of November because I was in such disbelief. especially because  i took a blood test prior to my surgery which was negative, had surgery, slept for a week straight, and then went to work. Rick kept asking me if i was pregnant. I adamantly said NO because i felt the first blood test was accurate, so finally after my "aunt flo" was about a week late, I went to the store. I bought the super cheap tests so it was very faint to tell, so I emailed Rick the pic and called him. 
"Rick wake up, look at your email, then call me back and let me know what you think"
Rick calls me on skype with this HUGE grin on his face. "YOURE PREGNANT"
me: "are you sure?" This cracks me up now, but its like something you want to happen but then it does and you're like wait, how do i deal with this? Especially since my life is already in limbo.
All was confirmed the next morning at the doctors office with a second blood test and I emailed my mother, who then teared up because she is so excited for another grandbaby! 

We told Ricks children via email because they "do not want to talk to us" and their mother is completely incapable of enforcing any sort of mandate to make it happen. I truly do believe that they do not want to talk to us. BUT, What i do not believe is whether or not it should be "a choice" for them to make. After all, they are still children. So regardless of their "feelings", their mother should be capable of making it happen. The fact that she WILL NOT only adds a tick against her in my "callous ex wife" column. After all, she is still accepting his money.

I am still working on my transfer to Dubai, and hopefully that will be in place before its too late for me to move!! We have seen a doctor in Dubai, we have seen the baby move its arms on the ultrasound, and I have its first picture! The head is the big circle on the left, there is a little black circle in its chest, that is its heart, but no worries, it won't have a black heart! We will only nurture the baby with love and happiness, so there is no way for it to be callous and cruel, at least not until it becomes a teenager. I am so excited!  So here is Baby Bee's first picture. I anticipate a boy, but would be just as thrilled for a girl!

How's that for an end to 2010?!


  1. I am thrilled to pieces to have a new little bee in your tummy. I think it's a girl, hope so (sorry Jen) Can't wait for the months ahead to see you grow.........hey we need to talk, you should do a monthly side ways picture like our great neice did, it was really cool to see the changes (she had twins so there were BIG changes.) Hey know that you are loved, we are excited what a great ending for 2010

  2. Congratulations!
    I hope you're feeling better.

  3. Rita, we could place some money on it?
    I have a feeling I might find out in two weeks
    The baby might flash the goods early

  4. I'm good for $10........Not going to pay your hospital bills with this bet but it would be fun and don't let anyone that might know me convince you that I don't pay off on my bets cause it's just not true Don

  5. Ok so when he flashes his Beeman boyhood my way you can open up his first savings account.

    And if it's a girl then...
    Well I dont know

    There's always number 2,3&4
    I'm bound to have a girl eventually