18 January 2011

Number 4

I don't really have a number 4. I had a 3,2, and i DEFINITELY have a number 1, and my number about marrying Rick really is a number one, except in this case, but i'm not ready for number one, and neither are you.
Ooooh, the suspense, the build up. yeah yeah, build it up only to let you down. That's life isn't it?

So what is my number 4? I guess for 2010, I would have to say, oooh i know. I got promoted this year and  turning 30 with my closest friends and of course my sweet husband Rick - My best friend. Its my blog and my list so i'm allowed to combine whatever i want!

I have been with SAS for over 5 years and have been promoted twice now! If i stay here it is likely that I can work my way into a management position, but here means staying in Cary, NC. My software made millions of dollars last year alone, and by millions i mean (double digit)... (the company itself made billions) We are awesome! Too bad i'm in R&D and not in SALES!! I was told they get paid the big bucks, but i'm sitting quite comfortably on my own here, and its not like i have to support anyone but me and my little puppy dogs!

And to top it off, i am now 30! Which means that I have several things to look forward to in my upcoming years. For one, child rearing. That is something I aspire to do now that I'm in my 30s b/c i really don't want a baby when i'm 40! I presently want 4 children, and plan to have them back to back. Well, the plan is have 2 real quick, wait a minute, then have 2 more (if i'm still standing). Four is such a great number! I should really go live with my husband. I'm sure proximity really makes a difference for having babies and such!

Who knows how long this will all take though. I mean you have to start with the first one right?

I think this picture is totally awesome! babies are awesome!

My dogs are awesome!

And lastly, photography with REAL FILM IS AWESOME!!

i saw a dolphin swim up to me whilst sitting on the shore. I used to live right here. When the tide was low, the light house has an island, as you can see. Morris Island. When the tide is high, there is no island, only a light house.

And i want this. I want to move to France (or belgium) and have a little french baby girl that has wonderful stories like this!!


  1. Do you write software?

    When I was in college, a computer science major was relatively new. There were no personal computers, and the computer we used was the size of a classroom. We had to type on a machine (and you know how I cannot type) that punched holes into rectangular cards. The stack of cards (for a simple program) was at least three inches thick. Then the cards were run through the computer. Turn-around time was at least 3 hours. Then we would get the print-out. Mine usually said "SYNTAX ERROR" and I would have to figure out if maybe I typed something incorrectly or maybe I just wrote the program incorrectly. It was fun, but too tedious, so I only took one computer class (FORTRAN). Kind of regret it now. LOL

  2. yes i write software. Those cards are called Punch Cards, and in the 70s my company used them. I wasn't born yet though :)
    I am fortunate enough to have never had to use anything but a computer to program with. I did learn to type on a typewriter since my mother taught typing classes at the university in the early 90s and brought the lessons home.
    But computers are the BEST!