31 January 2011

how DO you take care of a baby anyways??

Ok, here's a thought... how DO you take care of a baby?
My nephew Brady! So precious

  1. Feed it - Easy Enough, assuming my milk comes in just right, but if growth is any indication of milk i would say, milk will be coming in just fine (some ladies that have issues with milk not coming also tend to not grow at all in this region - just what i heard) But how often do i feed the baby? My guess is as often as the baby wants. Some babies are different. Some want food every 3 hours, some every 2, some every 4. Some mix it up. It varies from baby to baby. This is based purely on my observation in life.
  2. Change it - Again, this should be easy. I want to use cloth diapers if i can. Just to try to love mother earth and all that jazz, but we'll have to use disposable diapers for traveling since i'm not carrying around  a dirty diaper on a plane.
  3. Hold it -  Another no brainer. Support the head. Blah Blah Blah. You know, the scary thing is when you think you've got a baby, you don't support its head, and it suddenly jerks its neck back and it freaks you out. It happens. But poor baby neck!
  4. Put it to Sleep - This usually follows "Feed It" doesn't it? 
  5. Bathe It - hmmm. When? How often? how hot?
  6. Talk to it - simple enough. Babies need stimulation and interaction. I knew a couple that didn't talk to their kid the first year of his life because they didn't think he would understand. Didn't say they were my friends, just people i used to know. um, really??
  7. Put it on a Schedule - i think keeping a schedule is the most important thing you can do, especially as the baby gets a little older and I think both me and the baby will appreciate that. Again, just something i've observed as i walked through life. Those babies that are off schedule tend to be a holy terror!
  8. What am i missing here?

When DO you give the first bath? What is the acceptable temperature for the bath?

What about room temperature?

My coworker came into my office today and her first comment after giving me the once over was, your belly is starting to show. I of course was defensive and said, no, i just have to pee. (b/c i really do all the time), but she's right. In the morning my stomach is still mostly flat, but things are definitely changing. Today I am wearing a bella band which is basically like this picture and it is because while i CAN button my jeans, it gets really uncomfortable when i sit down and even more uncomfortable when my bladder fills up, so i decided it was time to leave them unbuttoned but with this. And voilĂ ! it worked! (no this is not a pic of me). I just hope my butt and legs don't get too big, so i can keep wearing my jeans! Another coworker of mine (the one that gave me this band) said she was able to wear her jeans her entire pregnancy with the help of said band! The miracle worker. I better get more than one.

Back to coworker #1. After we talked about my stomach, which lasted much longer than my recap, we talked about her son, who was born last May. She told me how she keeps the house really warm, like 72 degrees of warmness because he needs that temp to sleep and if it's cooler in her house, he wakes up during the night. Which got me to thinking, How warm is warm enough? How cold is cold enough? I read that babies cannot regulate body temperature on their own, or maybe i heard it somewhere. Anyways, it must be true. So does that mean that Baby Bee (as i am calling this three inch long fetus in my gut) will need some long sleeve gear even in Dubai since everything will be so nice and cool inside???

Then it got me to thinking, What ELSE do i need to know about a baby? I mean my friends were telling me how they had no clue when their first baby came, but were also telling me they had never changed a diaper or anything like that, so i'm light years ahead of them, BUT what am i missing? I guess i'll figure it all out. Mom will be spending two weeks with me after the baby comes, so i'm on my own for the first week or so and then she will be there to help me figure it all out. Oh, Rick will be around too, but i'm thinking Rick will be good for 2,3, and 6. Mostly. I sure can't wait to see this little guy, even if babies are a little ugly and weird looking the first few days/weeks. Just my opinion. I'm sure my baby will be beautiful, even if i'm the only one who thinks so.


  1. Since you have babysat before, you will be fine.

    Before I left the hospital, they taught me how to swaddle my son (who was born in November). So, I kept him swaddled in a baby blanket and he spent a lot of the time crying. I finally figured it out that he was hot since he was all wrapped up. He (and his brother) spent their childhood sleeping without blankets because they are "hot natured." Live and learn.

    As I said, you'll do fine.

  2. I'm so excited........can't wait for HER to get here

  3. he's going to be pretty mad that his Grammy kept calling him a girl

  4. then again, i'll gladly eat my words for a little girl :)
    Soon enough