12 January 2011

Ending a phase of life, number 5

Soccer was my life for the past 20 years.

After college and grad school, i aspired to form a competitive women's team, win the league, and win some tournaments. We accomplished that with a great group of ladies.

My final match was winning the Neptune Soccer Classic for the second consecutive year, and then i hung up my boots. Phase two of life will require me to be in good shape, but there has to be some sort of transition between the two... Where the first phase is ending a great career. The second phase will be beginning a different type of career.

I enjoyed my time with my soccer team despite all the personality clashes and drama. Girls bring drama. Its one of those absolutes in life you cannot ignore, nor can you avoid. Some men bring drama too, but girls, ladies, women, they are notorious for it.

I'm sure i'll make another debut one of these days with both coaching and playing, but for now its time to focus on my career, my dissertation, and prepare for the next stages of life


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