31 January 2011

how DO you take care of a baby anyways??

Ok, here's a thought... how DO you take care of a baby?
My nephew Brady! So precious

  1. Feed it - Easy Enough, assuming my milk comes in just right, but if growth is any indication of milk i would say, milk will be coming in just fine (some ladies that have issues with milk not coming also tend to not grow at all in this region - just what i heard) But how often do i feed the baby? My guess is as often as the baby wants. Some babies are different. Some want food every 3 hours, some every 2, some every 4. Some mix it up. It varies from baby to baby. This is based purely on my observation in life.
  2. Change it - Again, this should be easy. I want to use cloth diapers if i can. Just to try to love mother earth and all that jazz, but we'll have to use disposable diapers for traveling since i'm not carrying around  a dirty diaper on a plane.
  3. Hold it -  Another no brainer. Support the head. Blah Blah Blah. You know, the scary thing is when you think you've got a baby, you don't support its head, and it suddenly jerks its neck back and it freaks you out. It happens. But poor baby neck!
  4. Put it to Sleep - This usually follows "Feed It" doesn't it? 
  5. Bathe It - hmmm. When? How often? how hot?
  6. Talk to it - simple enough. Babies need stimulation and interaction. I knew a couple that didn't talk to their kid the first year of his life because they didn't think he would understand. Didn't say they were my friends, just people i used to know. um, really??
  7. Put it on a Schedule - i think keeping a schedule is the most important thing you can do, especially as the baby gets a little older and I think both me and the baby will appreciate that. Again, just something i've observed as i walked through life. Those babies that are off schedule tend to be a holy terror!
  8. What am i missing here?

When DO you give the first bath? What is the acceptable temperature for the bath?

What about room temperature?

My coworker came into my office today and her first comment after giving me the once over was, your belly is starting to show. I of course was defensive and said, no, i just have to pee. (b/c i really do all the time), but she's right. In the morning my stomach is still mostly flat, but things are definitely changing. Today I am wearing a bella band which is basically like this picture and it is because while i CAN button my jeans, it gets really uncomfortable when i sit down and even more uncomfortable when my bladder fills up, so i decided it was time to leave them unbuttoned but with this. And voilĂ ! it worked! (no this is not a pic of me). I just hope my butt and legs don't get too big, so i can keep wearing my jeans! Another coworker of mine (the one that gave me this band) said she was able to wear her jeans her entire pregnancy with the help of said band! The miracle worker. I better get more than one.

Back to coworker #1. After we talked about my stomach, which lasted much longer than my recap, we talked about her son, who was born last May. She told me how she keeps the house really warm, like 72 degrees of warmness because he needs that temp to sleep and if it's cooler in her house, he wakes up during the night. Which got me to thinking, How warm is warm enough? How cold is cold enough? I read that babies cannot regulate body temperature on their own, or maybe i heard it somewhere. Anyways, it must be true. So does that mean that Baby Bee (as i am calling this three inch long fetus in my gut) will need some long sleeve gear even in Dubai since everything will be so nice and cool inside???

Then it got me to thinking, What ELSE do i need to know about a baby? I mean my friends were telling me how they had no clue when their first baby came, but were also telling me they had never changed a diaper or anything like that, so i'm light years ahead of them, BUT what am i missing? I guess i'll figure it all out. Mom will be spending two weeks with me after the baby comes, so i'm on my own for the first week or so and then she will be there to help me figure it all out. Oh, Rick will be around too, but i'm thinking Rick will be good for 2,3, and 6. Mostly. I sure can't wait to see this little guy, even if babies are a little ugly and weird looking the first few days/weeks. Just my opinion. I'm sure my baby will be beautiful, even if i'm the only one who thinks so.

28 January 2011

Where do Babies come From anyways?

i can finally talk about being pregnant and breathe easy. Do you know how HARD it is to keep a secret, especially when it is your own secret AND its something that makes you happy like super excited happy. 
Babies make everyone happy, don't they? Except for the crying kind, but i intend to only have non crying babies. Rick will be on Cry Baby duty, from what i hear, he's a pro.

And i think that i love being pregnant, well, sort of. I mean i'm super excited about the baby. I think I've wanted a kid since I was a toddler. Loved my dolls. When i was little, i used to watch TV while lying on my stomach and propped up on my elbows, probably how most children watch. Well, I would feel my heart beat in my belly because of the way i was resting on it, and i would think that i was pregnant. Ok, clearly ridiculous but i had no idea where babies came from and i have no idea when i found out.

Mom got pregnant when I was 5, almost 6. I got to watch her belly grow, but it was much later in life when i learned the exact mechanics of HOW they got there. I didn't care to know. Babies were so cute and cuddly and they SMELL SO GOOD! I intend to breast feed forever just to keep my kid off that solid food poop. Oh my it is the nastiest stuff. I have changed thousands of diapers, but still... it makes me cringe.

I started babysitting outside of home at the age of 11, and my first job was for a newborn and a toddler. I think the mom thought I was my sister (and 13) because they figured out my age at the end of the night when they dropped me home, and never called again. but i did a good job, i even did the dishes because once the kids were asleep, i had to do something to earn the money. I didn't learn until later that i could just sit around and watch TV. I pulled my first tooth at age 13. We were so afraid she would swallow it in her sleep that her parents were ok with it if i could just get it out. And i did. Her name was Amanda Holmes. My goodness, she must be 22 by now. Hard to imagine. And then my all time favorites, the Dugas family. Of course there were countless of kids in between, but I was babysitting for them at 14, and a regular by 15. Just this summer the second oldest colored a picture for my office and wrote "love you gigi" They are my heart and i'm so excited to finally have my own kids. But the Dugas kids are the kindest, most considerate, thoughtful, and loving! I have never heard them say anything nasty to anyone or about anyone, and i've been around them for 16 years! Their mother set a great example for them to follow!

I know babysitting isn't the exact same as having your own kid, but its the best practice you can get and I know what i'm facing. I used to watch my nephew while my sister would leave town. That was fun. One baby is easy. Once the second comes i think the challenge begins. I always said i wanted four, but we will see how it goes. I will try with one at a time, God willing.

As for me: My pants are starting to get tight at the waist, especially when i sit. I'm about 13 weeks now, so i'm expecting to grow soon. I've gained some weight but mostly in the good places that all women like to gain. Ok i should say "most" women, but because I had lost weight before i got pregnant, i'm not rushing to the store just yet. Seems anytime I gain/lose weight that is where i am affected first. I'm just ready for this cold weather to end!

I think i will suffer through the summer with nice flowing dresses. I love dresses and how else will i find comfort in the heat?  Lots of Air Conditioning! And we will see how cool the Gulf stays during the heat of the summer. Perhaps the pool will have a chiller on it.

As far as names I definitely have a girls name picked out, and no Rita, its not what you think it is. We mostly have a boys name picked out, but we're still batting around a few.  Rick and I have firmly agreed that until the baby comes, we will likely keep the name a secret. That way, we are entitled to change our mind, and we can easily avoid the speculation and skeptics that have something negative to say about it. Once the baby is here, I DARE you to make fun of his name.  yes i said him but don't let that change your opinion. We still have 5 weeks and 5 days to go until we find out the sex assuming the baby cooperates and i'll gladly eat my words if it is a girl because I REALLY like the name i have picked out and really am struggling over boys names. I know, we have plenty of time which is why we have spent very little time discussing it up to this point. Until you know the sex you have a sea of names, at least when you know the sex, you can narrow it down to one gender, and if i die in child birth, the baby will be called jennifer, regardless of its sex.  :) Just seeing if you were still reading. Happy Weekend to All!

25 January 2011

Number One of 2010!

NUMBER ONE of 2010 aka - What a surprise!!
So, i feel like the girl who cried wolf and almost wanted to wait until April first to make this post!

As I said in #2, Rick's surprise visit was quite the surprise!
He initially had planned to arrive 10 days after he actually came, but work came up and he had to change his flight around. Not that I had any clue that this was going on because until the knock on my door, i had no idea he was leaving the Middle East for a quick trip to see me!

A few weeks ago, i talked about entering the next stage of my life.

One surprise has turned into another and assuming everything is going ok, Rick and I are having a BABY!

Yes, you read that right. Let me say it again. We are due the first week of August, and in just 6 weeks and a day, we will know whether or not we are having a boy or girl. Because if you read the part about me not liking surprises, that would be one of them.  How can i not plan ahead for a little boy or a little girl?? So two pleasant surprises for 2010! First Rick arrives in NC then Baby Bee shows up on the radar! I can't wait for what 2011 has in store.

We found out almost 2 months ago, MUCH TO MY SURPRISE, and I am just a little over 12 weeks, I have gained very little (if any) weight, my stomach is still mostly flat unless i eat a large meal, and my size 4's fit just fine, which sort of makes me smile, but i'm pretty sure all this will change in a matter of days if not minutes. I have had no morning sickness (just some nausea). 

I feel so blessed to have been able to conceive so easily. I have so many friends that have suffered through infertility, in vitro, and the like, so I have witnessed the frustration/desperation that people to endure to be where I am now enough to feel genuinely blessed.  Despite my mother and sisters quick success with child rearing, I always thought that I was going to suffer through months of trying. (We knew that Rick was fertile, well, at least 13 years ago!) We were actively practicing the "Rhythm Method" up till now, to avoid pregnancy, with 100% success! (clearly) This was literally our first REAL effort to make a baby, and I really had no idea that we would get pregnant on the first real try. I say this not to boast because trust me, it is just as big of a surprise to me as it is to you. But just to say, you never know what is going to happen, as the number one side effect of unprotected sex is, in fact, pregnancy! i actually don't know if that is a fact, but it sounds good to me and i'm probably right. Most of the time i am! (ask Rick). I actually had to pee on two sticks the end of November because I was in such disbelief. especially because  i took a blood test prior to my surgery which was negative, had surgery, slept for a week straight, and then went to work. Rick kept asking me if i was pregnant. I adamantly said NO because i felt the first blood test was accurate, so finally after my "aunt flo" was about a week late, I went to the store. I bought the super cheap tests so it was very faint to tell, so I emailed Rick the pic and called him. 
"Rick wake up, look at your email, then call me back and let me know what you think"
Rick calls me on skype with this HUGE grin on his face. "YOURE PREGNANT"
me: "are you sure?" This cracks me up now, but its like something you want to happen but then it does and you're like wait, how do i deal with this? Especially since my life is already in limbo.
All was confirmed the next morning at the doctors office with a second blood test and I emailed my mother, who then teared up because she is so excited for another grandbaby! 

We told Ricks children via email because they "do not want to talk to us" and their mother is completely incapable of enforcing any sort of mandate to make it happen. I truly do believe that they do not want to talk to us. BUT, What i do not believe is whether or not it should be "a choice" for them to make. After all, they are still children. So regardless of their "feelings", their mother should be capable of making it happen. The fact that she WILL NOT only adds a tick against her in my "callous ex wife" column. After all, she is still accepting his money.

I am still working on my transfer to Dubai, and hopefully that will be in place before its too late for me to move!! We have seen a doctor in Dubai, we have seen the baby move its arms on the ultrasound, and I have its first picture! The head is the big circle on the left, there is a little black circle in its chest, that is its heart, but no worries, it won't have a black heart! We will only nurture the baby with love and happiness, so there is no way for it to be callous and cruel, at least not until it becomes a teenager. I am so excited!  So here is Baby Bee's first picture. I anticipate a boy, but would be just as thrilled for a girl!

How's that for an end to 2010?!

23 January 2011

Three and Two

yeah yeah, these aren't the most exciting, but Rick was living with me for about 6 weeks give or take and i felt like we finally achieved some sort of normalcy.
3. Finally living with Rick before he left for a new venture in Dubai after 6 weeks. We had normal. We had a sense of home life together.  And it was great! i look forward to full time Rick, at least part of the time.

2. A great highlight of my year, for more reasons than one was Ricks surprise visit in November! It was totally unexpected which is very hard to do and i give him mad props for being so creative. He gives the best presents, and is the most thoughtful person i know.

I hope you enjoyed the list. Number one will be coming soon :) 

20 January 2011

SAS is number 1 .... AGAIN!!

No, not the number one on my list. My company, has been voted #1 place to work in the USA for two years straight. Read about us. You really can't top this place!

18 January 2011

Number 4

I don't really have a number 4. I had a 3,2, and i DEFINITELY have a number 1, and my number about marrying Rick really is a number one, except in this case, but i'm not ready for number one, and neither are you.
Ooooh, the suspense, the build up. yeah yeah, build it up only to let you down. That's life isn't it?

So what is my number 4? I guess for 2010, I would have to say, oooh i know. I got promoted this year and  turning 30 with my closest friends and of course my sweet husband Rick - My best friend. Its my blog and my list so i'm allowed to combine whatever i want!

I have been with SAS for over 5 years and have been promoted twice now! If i stay here it is likely that I can work my way into a management position, but here means staying in Cary, NC. My software made millions of dollars last year alone, and by millions i mean (double digit)... (the company itself made billions) We are awesome! Too bad i'm in R&D and not in SALES!! I was told they get paid the big bucks, but i'm sitting quite comfortably on my own here, and its not like i have to support anyone but me and my little puppy dogs!

And to top it off, i am now 30! Which means that I have several things to look forward to in my upcoming years. For one, child rearing. That is something I aspire to do now that I'm in my 30s b/c i really don't want a baby when i'm 40! I presently want 4 children, and plan to have them back to back. Well, the plan is have 2 real quick, wait a minute, then have 2 more (if i'm still standing). Four is such a great number! I should really go live with my husband. I'm sure proximity really makes a difference for having babies and such!

Who knows how long this will all take though. I mean you have to start with the first one right?

I think this picture is totally awesome! babies are awesome!

My dogs are awesome!

And lastly, photography with REAL FILM IS AWESOME!!

i saw a dolphin swim up to me whilst sitting on the shore. I used to live right here. When the tide was low, the light house has an island, as you can see. Morris Island. When the tide is high, there is no island, only a light house.

And i want this. I want to move to France (or belgium) and have a little french baby girl that has wonderful stories like this!!

16 January 2011

Yasmin Got Married !

I went to a wedding on Saturday. 

A teammate of mine got married to her long time boyfriend. I've mentioned this friend in my blog before, she's the attorney I've played with. I say played because if you read my previous post, you'd know i was temporarily retired. I only say temporary, because i know that there will come a point where i play again, even if just for laughs. I will play. I have a college alumni match in March, but I won't be playing in that b/c i'll still be basking in the glory of retirement. It sure is fun to say.

Yasmin is a black girl. I don't know any other way to say that.  I don't like to say African American any more than i like to say that i'm a German American, but then again, i'm not sure how long her family has been in the USA, or where exactly they came from. If Africa at all. I mean, that is quite presumptuous. Just because someone is dark skinned, doesn't make them of African descent any more than calling all Hispanics Mexicans. Its just not so now is it? But Yasmin is a black girl, and i really like her a lot. I tell her she is whiter than me and she knows it is true half the time. Then again, I was asked to pledge AKA in college, and sang in the Gospel Choir. Talk about fish out of water. Gospel Choir sings gospel music. I was the only blonde in the group, and one of two white people. It was fun. In the words of Jerry Maguire "I love Black People". Moving on...

Since Yasmin is black, as you would expect, so are her family. So there are like 200 black people at the reception, 2 larger white girls that Yasmin has worked with ( I don't expect them to be reading this and either way, its still an accurate depiction) and then there is Sarah and myself. I got an invite with a Plus One, so I brought my friend Sarah, another teammate of ours, (she also played college ball with me - and we both played against Yas in college). Sarah and I felt like the wedding crashers. Two white girls in a sea of "black folk". We had a blast.

It was a sit down meal so we had to patiently wait for our food. We are guessing we were put at a "random" table with the groom's Aunt and Uncle and three others we aren't sure who they were. Some man at a table behind us kept taking my picture, it was weird. Maybe because I was the white girl? but, the music was loud, and i wasn't in the mood for shouting. The salad was what i believe to be Wild Arugula with some sort of yellow melon and goat cheese crumbles, tossed with a very light lemon vinaigrette. I found it very refreshing, palatable, and ate every bite. The waiter even skipped on removing my plate because he had removed so many plates that had hardly been touched, and the man across from me scoffed and hawed about how horrible this salad was and how it was the worst thing he'd ever had. I smiled politely as i ate every bite, a bit faster than etiquette would have allowed, but i was starving, and it was super yummy. I wanted to tell him that it was probably a bit too refined for his taste (And shove a bucket of BoJangles his way) but where were my manners, oh yes.. i pulled them out, smiled another polite smile as he went on and on about how horrible it was to serve him this mockery of food. Sarah and i shared a few "knowing" glances and continued to eat our food that we found to be very acceptable.  

After the salad, we knew it would take a bit of time to get the main course out to every table, plus we were in the back, so we snuck out and got in the shutter booth to leave behind a memory. My favorites were the middle two, we sort of were caught off guard the first shot, and the last, we sort of had no idea so we just smiled again. Can't hurt to "try" to look pretty....

This second shot, I was following Sarah's lead, so I just flexed and i guess held my breath? I'm not sure, i def wasn't trying to make the dreaded "fish face" what is with that anyways, but i'm not going to be shy here. I think this is AWE$OME!!
Don't mess with me, I don't work out, but i've got huge guns, strength and can kick the crap outta you if i want. Sarah has great guns too, so watch out, we're like bodyguards. Not a threat or anything, I'm just sayin'.

So we had a great time, we left as soon as the cake was served as we braved the 30 cold strides to the car in our high heels which somehow made the cold air feel worse, but mom would be proud, i wore panty hose. Ok they were thigh highs, but i had something over my bare legs for the first time since she last made me wear them, probably high school or before. Plus, look how tan i am from my trip to the middle east! I love the sun! Its probably my favorite, after smiling of course.

That's all I had to say i think but just wanted to share. The bride was beautiful, I swear she looked like a cupcake, in a skinny sort of way, and i'm happy if she is happy. I always pray for the best. As in any marriage, you put God in the middle, get plugged in, and you will love each other more every day. Thats really the key. I see my parents, involved in their church, loving each other more and more, even if they do sometimes act like teenage brats, i think you expect that after nearly 40 years. Hell, my longest relationship lasted 2.5 from start to end, and that includes all the horrible horrible mess that happened SCREAMING for me to leave despite my feet not being able to RUN (not walk) out the door. (I hate to write about it but one day i think i'm going to relive the whole ugly truth for all to see) But, what i'm saying is, relationships are hard work and you really have to commit to making it work. There are things that permit you to "quit", but unless you are being made into a cuckold or getting the crap beat out of your brains, then you can work it out. Get therapy or whatever. Anyways, what i'm saying is marriage takes work, honesty, and lots of communication. Secrets drive a wedge between man and wife and ultimately lead to the demise of many marriages. I pray Yasmin and Darryl have what it takes to overcome any trials that come their way, because there will be trials, and I hope they have a long, happy, safe and faithful life together.  Here's to Mr. and Mrs. Moses. God Bless.

12 January 2011

Ending a phase of life, number 5

Soccer was my life for the past 20 years.

After college and grad school, i aspired to form a competitive women's team, win the league, and win some tournaments. We accomplished that with a great group of ladies.

My final match was winning the Neptune Soccer Classic for the second consecutive year, and then i hung up my boots. Phase two of life will require me to be in good shape, but there has to be some sort of transition between the two... Where the first phase is ending a great career. The second phase will be beginning a different type of career.

I enjoyed my time with my soccer team despite all the personality clashes and drama. Girls bring drama. Its one of those absolutes in life you cannot ignore, nor can you avoid. Some men bring drama too, but girls, ladies, women, they are notorious for it.

I'm sure i'll make another debut one of these days with both coaching and playing, but for now its time to focus on my career, my dissertation, and prepare for the next stages of life


11 January 2011

Number 6

6.  Texas and California - in no particular order

07 January 2011


9. A trip to Bahrain and the Proposal
does that say "C"licks??

7.What a wonderful Life

i made a video of Rick in the Fish Pipe Ride at the Wahoo Water Park in Bahrain.
Of course i added a little extra too but can you blame me.

04 January 2011

Recap: The Best of 2010!

 Top 10 : Best of 2010
Rather than make a top 10 list and give them all to you at once, I decided to use one a day. Add a little variety to my blog in case you needed it.

10.  Meeting Rick!
This could well be number one, but since the rest of my top 10 mostly involve him, I will say that 2010 started out with a bang, meeting my husband for the first time "officially" via webcam in the early days of 2010. We knew immediately that we were going to get married and live happily ever after.  Here we are a year later, and i'm still not disappointed in the least.