28 December 2010

Things that make you say Hmmmmm...

I have had a great Christmas so far. I had so much fun at my parents house and was sad to leave, but excited to see Rick.  My nephews have called me every day since i arrived and talked to me. They each hug and kiss the phone to tell me they love me. its sooooo cute. I miss them so much. it will be hard living so far away from them. And the flight here was long. The first leg was USAir which i don't mind domestically, but even with the empty seat next to me, i was smushed and uncomfortable. I think I slept maybe a total of 2 hours on and off, but mostly watched movies.

The second leg was on Emirates, probably my favorite airline so far. The service is exceptional and the seats are much more comfortable. That's just the way it is. One day i aspire to fly Emirates Business or *sigh* first class, but until then, i'll take what i can get, and the flight was better than the first, but shorter. I finally arrive, I'm the first one from Economy off the plane and through customs, and then i sit and wait and wait. They are having trouble unloading the luggage they say. Small children get excited as they see my large boxes roll around the turnstyle and to the man loading them on the cart. One thing i love here is that I am never left looking for help, help is everywhere and i feel like a spoiled little princess :)

A vast majority of the passengers were hanging out in the Airport for the next 6 hours for a flight elsewhere. The man next to me was going to Iran. The ladies i met in the Gatwick airport were headed to India. I was glad to be done with my flight segments. One stopover is enough for me. I just felt gross and icky as anyone would who left at 630pm (EST) and arrived at 1130am (EST)  - so only 17 hours in transit, but i prefer the JFK - DXB non-stop anyday! There's also a direct flying on Etihad from Chicago. I'm trying to figure out what will work best for me when i move, but so far, I'm thinking Emirates since Ricky is a Gold member.

No, not that kind, but I think he loses his gold status renewal at the end of this year, but we'll make up for it eventually. I think its good until 2012.

I wrote a blog a few weeks back thinking it might move my number one reader, to have a little compassion and quit acting like such a grinch. Hey, the Grinch's heart grew and grew when he heard the Who's down in who-ville singing. But, of course I didn't sing. I wrote down facts and surveyed a lot of friends who all said the same thing, what goes around come around, but nonetheless, it didn't work. Ricks kids didn't call him on Christmas. I guess my better approach would have been to sing? 
So no phone call, and Rick called twice to no answer. And i "hear" that our gifts that were received against their will of course and were "donated". That will show us!! Isnt' it funny? gift giving on christmas is looked at as something done against ones will. I wonder if we sent CASH would it have been donated too?  Its totally against the Christmas spirit (not the giving part but the ungracious acts of hate that are blatant), and if that's what is going on in a house, where i have NEVER MET THE ADULTS< then clearly they are doing the right thing and being just outstanding citizens and i'm just being sore loser about this all. I mean, who am i to think my husbands children, who 2/3 had a GREAT time with me this summer and the other smiled and laughed a lot more than would admit, would actually call him on Christmas day or thank him for a gift?

Don't they all look MISERABLE!!
AND, What good parent WOULDN'T allow their kids to donate away Christmas presents from their father. Don't all "GOOD" mothers tell their kids not to call their dad and then drive to the store to return/donate any presents from him???  Yeah, i'm not a mother, i can't judge, but I sure know a stink when i see a stink and i think im going to puke. This is such a hoot. Who are we kidding here?? All this does is add more "evidence" to my point. Yeah, i've got a valid point.
I think you've poisoned the trees.
BUT: Here's the good news. I'm over it. I'm don't need to bemoan this. I don't care to waste my time showing countless acts of the injustice going on here, its futile. You can't shake sense into a rock. I'm sad for any kids that get positive affirmation for doing the "right thing", where by right i mean What the....??. Anyone on the outside can tell you "it aint right" but hey, you keep doing your thing, and i'll keep living a life well lived. I'm not going to get into a back and forth battle with someone who can't see the forest for the trees, but hey, keep calling me names, and it might help make you feel better. The bottom line is, This is Rick's business. i did have to say something about it because we are one, and his business IS, in fact, also MY BUSINESS Failure to acknowledge the tragedy going on is just not my style. If you can take a check every month, you can have your kids place a phone call every month. If that's too hard, maybe you quit taking the check? Speaking of Checks:
check this out. I'm gonna poke this with a stick then i'm going to leave it dead because the longer i hang around this stink, the more likely i'm gonna end up with shit on my hands. yeah, i said shit.

.. I poke things with sticks.
Quote of the Summer: (precede quote with "if you do ________ then...."
"We know,  that rebuilding needs to be done to improve your relationship, but we promise that we will do everything we can to encourage to work at rebuilding relationship with [kids] and you and your family, in small steps, i.e. phone calls, E-mails, lunches/dinners when you visit, etc.  In our opinion, [if you do _____] it will go a long way in starting to rebuild your relationship"

That being said, rick said NO to the proposed ___________. It was a smart move.
Since he said no, nothing has been rebuilt. Nothing has changed and in fact, it has grown worse and worse. Hey, don't get mad at me,  i'm just using the words (of my often number one reader ) to make a point. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF HER ABILITY TO ENCOURAGE CHANGE.
Failure to do so since she didn't get her way. Things that make you say Hmmmm.....
I seriously doubt that if had Rick agreed to __________ anything would have changed. That, my friends, in bold faced font is manipulation at its finest. And I guess we'll never know.
In all actuality, "we have an amazing case of parental alienation" - quoth the attorney
having said all this, .....

You know your life is just horrible when you can't decide whether you want to live in a high rise on the beach, OR, a villa down the road. Decisions decisions..... Hmmmm. I just cant' decide.

Today i spent the day at the beach, finished a book, and did a little work. I got to watch dozens of people skydive and see the small plane land over and over again after the last jumper safely landed. I saw a camel pulling another camel and giving rides to people. He sort of had a tantrum over it and I was glad he didn't spit on me. I watched a 4 year old girl named Sabrina tell her mother over and over that she hated her. I think Sabrina just wasn't getting her way and that was her attempt at manipulation. Stay strong Sabrina's momma! I rue the day i have a daughter with a temperament like mine. I am much more even now, but i have had my tantrums... oh yea. And i'm certain i'll have a daughter or two or four, unless i just never have a baby. Slim chance for that though. Once i got home from the beach, i completed my yearly review for work and did a little online house hunting. Then FaceTime chat with my family. Yesterday we talked to our 14 year old nephew and Ricks parents using FaceTime. It really is a convenient tool to communicate without the wires and bulk of carrying a laptop around.

I've got three more days left in the year, and still plenty of things to keep me busy. Rick had some time off but is now busy working and I'm acquainting myself with this amazing city that is constantly changing. We are going to go snow skiing tomorrow (weather permitting :) - http://www.skidxb.com/), and perhaps we will have a nice dinner and walk around the mall of the Emirates.

We will probably go for a camel ride, I intend to get a cool Henna painting on my arm, and then a few days in Abu Dhabi at a resort for some R&R.   We'll see how these next two weeks pan out. I'm just glad to be here. Even if he snores, Rick is pretty great.


  1. I love this.
    "If you can take a check every month, you can have your kids place a phone call every month. If that's too hard, maybe you quit taking the check!"

    And the promise to rebuild? What is that? Why wouldn't it be done anyways out of human decency.

    That lady has MAJOR ISSUES and i hope the kids RUN AS FAST AS THEY CAN TO GET AWAY FROM THERE!!

  2. so sad to involve children like she has.
    Sure doesn't seem like she's moved on at all.