16 December 2010

Its Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas (really!)

We have had snow fall three times this month and it is only the 16th!! Last year we didn't see any snow in December. The snow that fell early this morning was the best we've had yet! The roads were really icy and I learned something new about my car. When you lose traction on the road there is a beeping noise that occurs. I was really sliding around this one back road. It was empty, so it was fun, but i had to get control of my car. Fortunately I have experience hydroplaning, and not unlike that situation, regaining control in the ice/snow, is very similar. Times like this i miss my 36" tires and 4WD, BUT the heating system is top notch and definitely makes up for it. The key to regaining control, as with swimming out of a rip tide, is that you turn with the car and not against it. For me, this is a natural instinct, to let the car adjust itself while only guiding it, rather than trying to jerk the car to the place i want it. All that does it cause more fish tailing. I could go on and make some profound analogy here about control in general. The more you fight for control the less control you are able to maintain, but i digress, i slid around today, it was fun, there is snow and ice on the ground. And it looks and feels a LOT like christmas here. It has been below freezing for over a week straight and i'm really tired of the cold.
It IS nice to be home, where everything is covered in white, and you really know that Christmas is near. Something about fresh fallen snow to remind us of the holiday season.

When I am in Florida, or the Middle East, it is warm and aside from lights and festive decorations, nothing tells me it is nearly Christmas. But... this year, in Cary, NC, we have had lots of winter weather. I don't believe it is even officially winter yet! I appreciate the wonderful farewell that I am receiving. I know this is just me being silly, but its like mother nature is saying to me, Jennifer, you are leaving a 4 season climate for a climate of Warm/Warmer/Hot... So, to bid you farewell, I will give you a lot of snow and cold weather.
My reply??
Boy mother nature, I sure appreciate it, but it has been FREEZING here lately and i'm sort of over it. The snow is pretty and nice, but the cold? No thanks. Cold is misery. Cold makes my entire body ache all over. Heat doesn't hurt like that!

To end things on a nice note today: My three year old nephew told us that "God put a baby in his belly for Christmas".... I wonder if he isn't the next virgin mary?? :)

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