22 December 2010

Christmas Present, Past and Future

My new home is soon to be Dubai. I don't know how long i will be living there, but I will be calling it home soon, and this Christmas I will be going there to be with Rick.  Rick had planned to come home. Things changed. His work schedule was one of the things that has been a bit tenuous, but he was still going to come for a few days. Since things changed (as indicated in a previous posting), rather than have him come here for just a few days and leave before new years, we decided it was a good idea, given the circumstances, that I go out there.

So for the third time this year, I am headed back to the land of sand and I couldn't be happier. I am so glad to get away from the cold weather, and I am even happier to see my husband. The distance hasn't been as hard these past few months as they were before his trip in November, but perhaps that is because I have things that have been occupying my time and energy. I am so very busy. I have last minute home renovations that are being completed while me and the girls are away, and then the house will get listed and hopefully sell in my time frame. The back up plan is to rent. Either way, i'm in a good situation and can afford to let it sit for a while, but my house really is ideally situated and with the changes that i'm making, i can't imagine it will be hard to sell, aside from the fact that the market is stale. I'll be sure to post my home on this blog when i return.

Today my lovely mother and father in law took me to lunch. They just happened to be in the neighborhood on their way to see Rick's older sister Shari, so stopped by. We exchanged gifts, but i'm not allowed to open mine until I get to Dubai. I had to promise not to peek and not to lose it, so i shoved it into the bottom of my handbag that is much too large be quantified as a "purse" and have since forgotten about it.

When I was in 4th grade, 9 years old, I got the chicken pox about 3 days before Christmas vacation, so i had to miss the last few days of school. It all started with a pock on the bottom on my foot that i mistook for a splinter, so i tried to dig it out. I had one on my nose (like rudolph) and then a few on my stomach, but the previous Easter I had poison ivy so bad my eyes were literally swollen shut, so my pox didn't do me justice. Nonetheless, i was stuck home because it is a contagious disease but i felt fine, so i mulled around the house all day, found all my presents hidden in mom's closet, unwrapped the ones under the tree and then wrapped them back. Here's a hint: most people don't look at the gifts they've already placed under a tree to see if the tape is still aligned as originally placed. Here's another tip, if you move a chair across the carpet to peek into the top of your mom's closet, after you replace the chair, it's a good idea to use your hand to "erase" the lines that you left behind, or its a sure give away. Not only that, but the night before xmas, i told mom, If santa is really real then i'll ask for a pair of slippers (since i already knew they were under the tree). The look on her face was priceless. "JENNIFER!!!". Yup. I'm a horrible liar and i'm not very good at keeping secrets. Oh i can keep *some* secrets, but not when it involves guilt. I'm too honest and transparent to hide deception. Poker is the exception to this but no real lies are being told when its a game. Life doesn't qualify as a game. Its real. People can get hurt.

But i hate surprises. I am the most in-genuine liar. I cannot sit by the tree, open an unexpected gift and say,oh boy thanks! just what i wanted. Socks! Am i ungrateful? i'm not sure. I just can't pretend. Unless its to my grandmother. She deserves to feel good. But that's just different. And to be honest, Now that i'm 30, I would welcome some new socks. Especially those comfy adidas ones that i wear and my dryer seems to eat. Where the heck do all the socks go???? Anyone? Bueller?
So that's the past and the present. AS for the future, I plan to be home with my family next year at Christmas. I am really looking forward to next year since it will be long anticipated after being away this year and moving away in the Spring. Big changes are on the horizon, that is for sure!

Tomorrow i leave for Charlotte, hang out with my favorite little boys and celebrate Christmas with my family before I head out to the North Pole, i mean, Middle East. Ellie and Marley will hang out with my family for a few weeks as they eagerly await my return. They are super thrilled about moving. Ellie has her microchip properly installed (after 2 attempts), and we are just biding our time until the transfer has been approved and the wheels are in full motion. So far so good.

What an amazing 2010 I have had, truly amazing as i reminisce. It was just a year ago that rick and I fell in love and the whirlwind romance we have had. My life is a fairy tale, and has proven to have a full cast of all characters. And I just love how fairy tales end. Happily Ever After. There are always some icky spots, but that's to make them interesting. Mine sure is interesting. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Well, almost anything. I prefer less drama in life, but i also prefer to live in harmony. Then again, I am the one poking the dragon, wondering when it will breathe fire again. I sure do hate the suspense! See? Fairy tales are FUN!

Joni Mitchell said it best ...
"Don't it always seem to go, you don't know what you've got till its gone. They paved paradise and put up a parking lot....."

I probably won't write again for a bit

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