17 November 2010

Garage Sell Success

I had a garage sale this weekend, my mom was kind enough to drive up to help. She was awesome help too. My mom is the greatest mom in the world, and she came just as Rick was leaving so the timing was perfect, except he never got to see her. 

I sold a LOT of stuff, and the more I think about it, the more i realize, half of the stuff I sold I never even paid for. Old wedding gifts that went unused, gifts from former boyfriends, tools that belonged to a former spouse, things my mother gave me when i bought a house (i.e. furniture), and things that were left at my house over the years that I didn't want or need. I sold things that I took from Rick's house in Texas that were collecting dust in the attic, I sold some old clothes and dresses and there really was something for everyone. I was mostly amused by how excited everyone was about the kitchen drawer items. I must have made $20 just by cleaning out my kitchen drawers and cabinets. I had some really nice cake pans but I never use them anyways, so my trash is your treasure. I sold movies and video games (those i paid for) and my bike. I was sad to see my bicycle go, but happy that it is one less thing to deal with, and lets be honest, I haven't ridden my bike for over a year. Now that I have gotten rid of so much stuff, I am even more motivated to move. I made more money than anyone I know has ever made at a garage sale! $600!!! (and counting)...  Enough to make repairs to the cedar siding on my home AND  donate 10% to the church! Then I made another 100 this week at work selling more stuff on the online bulletin board.

I still have several items that I will sell online (and i'm certain they will sell), and then once I pack up the upstairs of my house, i'll have two beds, dressers, a desk, and a bookcase, and then a house and car!

The key to making money in a garage sale is to know your goal. If your goal is to make a lot of money, you will probably not succeed. If your goal is to get rid of your stuff for a reasonable price and you are willing to haggle and be haggled, then you will succeed. I am certain that the people that walked away got great deals because, again, my goal was to get rid of the stuff.  I mean, i had a jewelry box from Hello Kitty, aka Sanrio Surprises from the mid 80s (about the time Rick started college) that I sold to my friend Vanessa for $1 and her daughter stated, That's just what i always wanted (for Christmas). :) I love that kid. And my neighbors kids who came and took a halloween decoration that made noise (haha) and a trophy my soccer team won (what did i want with that??) 

So Garage Sell Success indeed! 

My mother and I then drove to the dump to take some worthless things (mostly trash and home movies). A large load to goodwill, and I have a friend coming in a week or two to take the things that i just couldn't sell and since i did so well, won't bother trying. We were worried (because of all the stuff I had set out) that nobody would come and the stuff wouldn't get gone, so the night before the sale, i prayed for my husbands safety as he traveled home, and I prayed for people to come to my sale. And they came and came. From 7am (despite advertised 8am time) to 11:45 they came in droves. There was hardly a time of quiet.

My last customer was a 92 year old lady on her way to volunteer at the Art Museum looking for items for her grandkids (probably great grandkids ). She drove by herself and walked without a limp, and I was just amazed by her livelihood! My dogs were well behaved, but the gold star goes to my mom for helping me !

Only 2 months to go give or take and i'm busting out of here! Excited to see what else life has in store!

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