15 October 2010

Some of my Favorite Things: Amsterdam

Ah! What a beautiful sky over the Concertgebouw,

You can walk around Amsterdam and see the most interesting things, like this piece of building art!


Beautiful Fall colors on the trees!

The Frozen Fountain, located on the Prinsengracht canal in Amsterdam is a cute shop that carries a lot of unique and interesting items. My friend and I spent a good amount of time walking around in wonder of all the curious things the store had to offer.

I fell in love with this chair and I will try to have one of these one day.

Here is the chair from my profile (AND the price tag)

I found it (more or less) on the designer, Piet Hein Eek's website, http://www.pietheineek.nl/en/collection/scrapwood/art.nr.2525 for a little more money.
 I'm sure i can work something out one day.

I love the streets of Amsterdam. Everything is mainly in a circle. Each Canal leads somewhere.Eventually you turn right/ or left, depending on where you go, and you end up somewhere in the middle. Everyone rides a bike. People wearing suits, women in dresses. Mothers with children in baskets or in a seat on the back. There is a specific lane for bikes, and its much nicer than the bike lanes we have here. I understand Europe is much older than the United States - at least from a civilization and architectural standpoint, and is much less spread out, and therefore they have adapted to alternate modes of transport. Or maybe i'm just full of crap with my theory, but i absolutely LOVE the cities in Europe I've visited. In Amsterdam, I stayed in Vondelpark which you see in the bottom left corner. The train station is to the North East and the Airport is to the South West. The beauty of Europe is the ease of which you can travel between countries and within cities. Public transportation throughout the US sucks. Sure some cities like NYC, DC, SF, and i'm sure Boston, Chicago, Philly, and Seattle as well, have the right concept, but our transit is so limited to within an urban area. Altanta has the MARTA.  You can get to the airport and hope the next city has public transport, or you rent a car. I went from Amsterdam to Paris to London by train and  used the public transport and my legs to tour each city. You miss out on so much by being in a car. I mean some cities you have to have a car because the city is like 60 miles wide, but that's the big old US of A for you. Its just too big and spread out. We are lucky.

07 October 2010

The Best Thing Ever!

Happy birthday to the most handsome, loving, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle and self controlled man i know.  My father set the bar pretty high, but i'm quite certain that Rick will stretch far beyond.  

Even my mother remarked that Rick Beeman is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and i'd have to agree. While he has his weaknesses as we all do, his strengths are abundant and he compliments me in a way to encourage my strengths while building on my weaknesses. He makes me want to be the best me i could possibly be.

He is the Yang to my Yin. The Moon to my Stars, and the salt to my potatoes. (if you knew rick you'd laugh at this )

I am sad that I cannot be with Rick today to celebrate with him, but I am there in spirit.

I love you very much Rick Beeman!!! I always will. No matter what. 

I guess i'll have to eat this cake myself