13 September 2010

shipping out...

rick is moving in less than 24 hours. He is out runnng errands one last time. i am home sick. Just in time for nobody to take care of me. it has been great to have Rick here with me, even if his snoring did get on my nerves, he was happy to wake up each time i shook him and asked him to please stop. I think i scared the crap out of him every time i did that, but i'm sure he'll miss it.

The dogs are REALLY going to miss having him around every day to let them in and out and take them on walks. I guess its my turn to exercise, which is actually good because i've been a bit sedentary lately.

I am pushing forward with my degree, regardless of the end result, and I plan to move out by the end of the year. I am going to try to rent out my house, so will be working to get rid of my "stuff" before then.

I have amassed so much crap over the years. I have no idea how. When i went off to college my senior year, i could fit it all into my Camry (which btw had huge trunk) but now I have bedrooms and offices and a kitchen full of dishes and cookware and appliances and china cabinet and flat screen tvs and lamps and plants, and fabric and patterns, and patio furniture and lawn mowers, and other yard equipment and so on and so forth. Not to mention enough clothes to outfit a small country. I have way too much stuff i realize, but it is going to take so much time to go through it all. Time that is precious to me.

Some of the things I own i will put into storage either at my parents house or i will rent space. The rest will go into the yard sale. My mom will be here next weekend to help me sort through the stuff. maybe i can get here here 2 in a row so that i can sort one weekend and sell the next. I guess that is the plan, but i should probably call my mother and let her know. She might not have the same in mind :)

time to play house one last night.... say a prayer for rick and myself, We really are going to need it.


  1. Hey love, I'm having trouble signing in to the new blog. Did I do it already?? I opened a google account but as you know I'm not to literate with the computer.....what do I do??? I'm sad Rick is gone. Love you , other mom

  2. did you sort it out? i'll call you later if you didnt

  3. Hey, I signed in many times and it said I was not approved.....talk to me, other mom, signing out

  4. When you are all done with the yard sale, Habitat would welcome any (tax deductible) donations of pretty much anything other than clothing and mattresses (which we are not allowed to take)
    We even pick up!!

  5. Thank you for your help, I signed in and no problem. You are an amazing daughter and I'm so glad to have an amazing new daughter a part of us. I will pray for help, health and wisdom and strength for all that is ahead of you and that the time flies and the PHD is completed without any more frustrations. You are loved.