09 September 2010

The Friends and Family Plan

This blog is public and thus I find myself censoring what i have to say, careful not to step on anyones toes. At least not flagrantly. Censorship in the media and press is really a knock to our first amendment right. The freedom of speech. So I found a solution.

If you are part of  what i am calling my "Friend and Family Plan", then I have a treat for you.
Behind the Scenes look, uncensored. It is a private blog that will be accessible by invite only

Just send me an email request and I will add you to the plan.


  1. I'm having trouble signing in and I think that is a very smart thing that you are doing.....why would you want uglyness checking out your heart when ugly hearts

    are so closed and vindictive

  2. Well I'm not sure about that but I do know that there are some obsessive people that use anything they can to fuel the fire. So I'd prefer not to fan the flame. Plus there is too much left unsaid for that reason. I'm tired of silencing my voice. Rick will be writing there too