31 August 2010

SWELL Birthday!!

Once again, as with all the other years, I had a great weekend to celebrate my birthday!    Rick, me, and two other couples went to the beach. The waves were unbelievable and I knew just from the looks, that the rip tide was being affected by Hurricane Danielle.

Friday night just after sunset, I took the dogs into the ocean for a swim. Even then I knew that it was going to be rough current all weekend.  Now I’m quite the experienced swimmer. I believe I have been swimming for about 27 years now. I have always been quite the fish. And the Atlantic Ocean is no exception. My father used to take my sister and I out on a raft, deep into the waves, and help us ride them back to shore.  I remember being deeper than my feet could touch, dad would let us hold onto him or the raft, and we would play for hours. So I’m not afraid of the ocean, the seaweed, or even the sand and waves, but this weekend, I knew better. I read numerous reports of rescues and drowning from over the weekend, so instinct was right on.

Loving the ocean is no different than falling in love, you must learn how to respect. Without respect, there is no love. And I love the ocean, but even more important I have a great respect for it, and while I did a little swimming this weekend, I knew my limitations and kept my feet on the sand.  Once on Saturday, Rick and I got out a little far, but he instinctively knew that it was going to be a fight to get in. At first I tried to swim in, and I was going nowhere, so instead of wearing myself out trying to get out of the current, I swam parallel to the shore and then found a way in. It was hard work, but its like second nature to me. I have been swimming in the ocean since I can remember. When I lived in Florida, I would swim against the current as a way to train for the triathlon that I’ve never quite managed to sign up for. If you panic, you’re likely to lose, but if you keep your composure, and do as you’ve been taught, everything is just fine. You don’t have to be afraid, but you definitely have to know your limitations. Red flags were flying all around the beach telling swimmers about the rip tide. The waves were amazing, but I’m glad my surfboard was back home… I’d have paddled out well beyond where my feet can touch, and perhaps I’d have been swallowed alive.

My birthday was wonderful, spending with good friends and fantastic weather. I am now the proud owner of an iPhone 4 and some really cute clothes. Spending my first birthday with Rick was a great success, he was wonderful to me, and set the bar for birthdays to come quite high. To top it off, I had around 100 Facebook comments, private emails, and phone calls to wish me a happy birthday, which really made me feel the love.

Rick and I are off on vacation for the long weekend, then back to reality. I am wrapping up my life, and getting ready to move on.  Still have tons to do. Can't wait to move past this part of life and onto the next.

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