13 August 2010

Quit looking at the sun

If you look at the sun long enough you'll go blind. If you touch the stove while its on, you'll get burned,
Yet you continue to do such things and then cry about it? Does anyone really hear your cries?

Heres something your mother may not have shared with you. Its called tough love. For instance, if  i say something in my blog, and it offends you, then QUIT READING. Hurt you once, shame on me, hurt you twice, shame on you. My mother would say, I told you to stop, i have no pity for you, suck it up. If you keep going back to the same place and expect different reactions, you're quite insane. Its like getting drunk, driving your car and getting pulled over, and then doing it again and getting the same results. What did you expect?  Try not to kill anyone will ya? i've lost plenty of friends to both Drunk Driving AND BY drunk Drivers. Dont' get me started on this rant.

When i tell a snake, SNAKE< you're all scaly and slithery, and the snakes gets mad b/c he doesn't want to hear how slimy and creepy he is, he wants to hear You're a fear evoking SNAKE. But the truth it, you can just chop a snakes head off with a shovel, then he's worthless. You tell it the truth, and he mopes away. Hurt. because he apparently didn't realize his traits were so undesirable. So he cries and tells his mother, but everyone laughs and laughs because everyone already knew the truth. Silly snake. you're just a snake. Now go away.

What good do you think you're bringing by staring at the sun? Truth, it seems, is a double edged sword. Truth isn't always pretty. 

QUIT LOOKING AT THE SUN AND YOU WON"T GO BLIND. you were warned  by your mother once to stay away, do it again, SHAME ON YOU. Nobody cares what you have to cry about when you were warned. Look at Icarus. His wings melted because he didn't' listen. We have no pity upon him either. though everyone remembers him. What good have you done so that they will remember you?


  1. Hello Jen !

    Remember me ? Let's see if your sitemeter will help you figure out who I am !

    Don't worry. I'll tell who I am if the mystery is not solved in a couple of days !

    Good way to start the weekend, No ?


  2. Bangalore huh?
    Well if your initials really are MM I'll have to think on it
    but India seems a good place to start.

  3. you nailed the city and therefore the country ! but no, MM not my initials. dig a little deeper, Jen !

  4. i'm pretty sure i know who this is H. Rao. :) Malady makes you sound like a woman though. Ma-Lady. Any babies yet?

  5. Jen ... seriously ? why do you think this is Harsha ? Have you read the poetry ? At all ?

  6. yeah that surprised me too but who else is in India right now?
    I would rather think this were Lavanya? are you in Bangalore??? Oye, my head is spinning. :)

  7. jackpot ! i am a little hurt though that you guessed it was me the second time around ! *le sigh*

    how are you doing ?!