19 August 2010

Good Bye Soccer

I have retired from soccer again. I feel like Brett Favre, constantly announcing my retirement, then playing again. Will i ever completely quit playing soccer? no. absolutely not. Where there's a ball, a pine cone, a small enough rock that it doesn't break my foot, or any other piece of trash that can be rolled up into a roundish object, I will continue to kick. I just am no longer going to play competitively.

thats it. I'm done. And i'm so happy to be done. I ended on such a great note! We won the Neptune Soccer Classic in Virginia Beach for the second year running. And did so with great results. Came back from two games of a 0-1 deficit to win both 3-1. We were awesome! And now we are done. At least I am. And the timing couldn't have been better:

There are some amazing ladies that played on that team and were just awesome and appreciative and great people. The great thing about moving on, is moving on. And as I write this, i am doing just that.

I’m over it. so - Good bye. Goodbye Raleigh Rage. Thanks for the numerous wins. Was it worth it? Absolutely. Girls will be girls. Period. No matter the age. I have a better phrase, but i'm being a big person here. As for me, for now, It is retirement. We won the season twice, we won the Neptune Soccer tournament two years in a row and now I’m done. I choose to quit while I’m ahead and still able to walk. Cheers!

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