04 August 2010

Black like CRACK ( berry )

All I want to say is i'm done traveling across time zones until September. These are the Beeman women. My two sister in laws and my mother in law. They're all quite wonderful people. Among the three children, there are 9 kids and we had a large family photo with my mother and father in law, all the kids and grandkids. It was fun, we color coded by family. I hope we get good results.

I'll go to Virginia Beach this weekend to play soccer. Charlotte next weekend to see my sister and nephews and steve. Then i'll stay home a weekend or two. Then labor day, back to Houston for a long weekend.

People call blackberries CRACKBERRIES because they are addictive. I suppose an iPhone is just as addictive. Its funny to see how many people read my blog from their blackberries. I can monitor where you live and where you look at my blog. I can tell if you are using a computer with Window Operating system, MAC, what web browser you are using. and so on. Even if you are using a BlackBerry or Iphone or a droid. Each one is unique in its browsing detail. I even got an iPad hit from Minnesota!  Maybe my favorite Red Headed statistician who just relocated up there just got an ipad??? hmmm... i think she did!

They always say everything is bigger in Texas.  For 7 months running - Texas is my number one state, meaning, i have more readers in Texas than the rest of the world. then comes North Carolina, and California in a close third.... But Texas by far takes the cake.

I guess everything IS bigger in Texas, and that includes me. Crackberries or not.  I'm quite the popular bird, even though i would rather be a fish..... the mermaid type of course.
Thanks for coming out! I'll be sure to talk about my latest adventures soon.


  1. oh I know. my friend Kathy emailed and said she in fact WAS using her ipad to see my blog. just goes to show you how even devices not linked to computers are still traceable. Just not sure the draw in Texas, i mean other than my awesomeness. I wish my "fans" out there would comment so i could know who they were :)

  2. I love you Jenn.....Great post and especially cause my picture was there. You are so right, we are really nice people, too bad we can't spread the word to the whole world. Just guess we'll have to keep living right and Jesus will let the world know.....sooner or later.
    Hayward here, that would be California.