24 August 2010

Beach and Beach some more

I love the beach. Its where i feel most at home. The calm sound of the waves as they hit the shore. I like the deafening sound of silence. Where the roar of the ocean drowns out the noise and you are left with only your thoughts and the sea. Its a good place to regroup and gather your thoughts

I have never lived further than a few hours from the beach. Growing up it was about a 3 hour drive.
In college it was a 30 minute drive or less depending on where i stayed. Now its about a 2 hour drive give or take.I can't imagine being landlocked. I even applied to Colorado State University for Grad School but that was mainly for a backup to my backup.  I wanted to go to UCLA. I even applied and was even accepted.. I really wanted to move to California, or so I thought, But the cost of living was just so expensive there was no way I could afford it on my own. Looks like I might end up out there anyways. But not just yet.

My parents used to live within 5 miles of where my house is now back in the 70's. They used to take day trips to the beach with their friends, or would get a cheap motel room and make a weekend of it. I don't like to stay in cheap motels. I'm pretty spoiled like that. My family used to stay in motels on our family vacations, and looking back, we probably stayed in some dives. My parents always had decent money, we weren't swimming in it, but we were comfortable, but i guess that is how we were able to stay comfortable. Affordable vacation. I'm not sure how i became a hotel snob. I stayed in hostels in Europe, mainly because it was affordable and because i went to these cities to see things, not to see a hotel. Having said that, i'm still quite the snob. The money i save in hotels i spend in shopping. I still cannot wait to go back to Paris. I'm hoping that sometime next year we will be able to go back. But there are so many other cities and countries i have yet to visit. I often dream of foregoing child bearing so that I can travel the world, but i'm not just sure that the traveling will satisfy the need for rearing children. I guess I don't have to decide right now anyways.  Travel until i get knocked up or until the air fare for a baby is no longer free. I like saying knocked up. I know you're not supposed to its all improper or something, but until i am "with child" I think it sounds just fine .

Back to the beach. I have a friend with a beach house who is going to let me and a few friends "rent" it out for the weekend. Nothing like celebrating my birthday with some good friends and the beach. Davy and Vanessa are bringing their kids, Im bringing my dogs, my other friends are leaving their kids behind.

Typically for my birthday I get a hurricane. I've been in several hurricanes over the years, living where i do on the East Coast. Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana on my 25th. I'm hoping this year the storms hold off for just one more weekend. Then it can rain forever for all i care! Especially considering i won't see much rain for the next many years to come. I better enjoy it while i can.  At least the weather will be quite cool this weekend.

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