17 August 2010

12 more days... not that i'm counting.

I had a great weekend! Rick and I drove to my parents house for a nice relaxing weekend with my parents, and my sister, brother in law, and 2 nephews. The dogs came too.

Carter is 3, Brady is nearly 2.  They were so much fun. Carter is my best friend and seriously follows me around EVERYWHERE I have to be careful because he will say anything i say too. Rick and I took carter to his first movie ever! He did such a great job too. Sitting still, not talking, We went to see Toy Story 3. Rick Cried. He's already seen it. He cried anyways. It was emotional in a cartoony type of way, but i can't really manage tears in times like that. He cries at the beginning of UP too. We left that movie with my sister for the boys to watch. I tried to get Carter to watch Aladdin but he was not interested. I did give them a magic lamp, and Brady LOVED it. He did not want to put it down. He called it his "juice" and kept telling me it was all gone.

On Sunday afternoon, we went on a walk with the dogs. It was supposed to be a super short walk, but we had so much fun. It started raining. Drizzle at first and then downpour. We were soaked (except our backs were dry), mom wore a plastic bag on her head (hahahaha) and Carter jumped in every puddle. It was memorable for sure!

WE are going back to visit my parents and sister there this coming weekend and then..... in 12 days, i'll be 30! We might go to the beach for my birthday for a relaxing weekend, or have a party. It is still undecided.

i'm excited about my birthday. Its the best day of the year in my opinion. especially with Rick being nearly 12 years older than myself, i will never be in his age bracket. My thirties hold a lot of gifts in store. I will start a family of my own. (rick can help too). I will be moving to Dubai as soon as i finish my degree, get details worked out, and well, sort out my details.... I still have a lot to do, but i finished my proposal the other day, and am patiently waiting for my advisor to read it and meet with me. Hopefully I will move back to the states before my 40s begin, but that will be determined later.

Labor day weekend, Rick and I will travel again, and hopefully will do something fun, but i guess it all depends.
As for now, time to work. I've got a busy few weeks ahead of me, and times not moving any slower. 

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