31 August 2010

SWELL Birthday!!

Once again, as with all the other years, I had a great weekend to celebrate my birthday!    Rick, me, and two other couples went to the beach. The waves were unbelievable and I knew just from the looks, that the rip tide was being affected by Hurricane Danielle.

Friday night just after sunset, I took the dogs into the ocean for a swim. Even then I knew that it was going to be rough current all weekend.  Now I’m quite the experienced swimmer. I believe I have been swimming for about 27 years now. I have always been quite the fish. And the Atlantic Ocean is no exception. My father used to take my sister and I out on a raft, deep into the waves, and help us ride them back to shore.  I remember being deeper than my feet could touch, dad would let us hold onto him or the raft, and we would play for hours. So I’m not afraid of the ocean, the seaweed, or even the sand and waves, but this weekend, I knew better. I read numerous reports of rescues and drowning from over the weekend, so instinct was right on.

Loving the ocean is no different than falling in love, you must learn how to respect. Without respect, there is no love. And I love the ocean, but even more important I have a great respect for it, and while I did a little swimming this weekend, I knew my limitations and kept my feet on the sand.  Once on Saturday, Rick and I got out a little far, but he instinctively knew that it was going to be a fight to get in. At first I tried to swim in, and I was going nowhere, so instead of wearing myself out trying to get out of the current, I swam parallel to the shore and then found a way in. It was hard work, but its like second nature to me. I have been swimming in the ocean since I can remember. When I lived in Florida, I would swim against the current as a way to train for the triathlon that I’ve never quite managed to sign up for. If you panic, you’re likely to lose, but if you keep your composure, and do as you’ve been taught, everything is just fine. You don’t have to be afraid, but you definitely have to know your limitations. Red flags were flying all around the beach telling swimmers about the rip tide. The waves were amazing, but I’m glad my surfboard was back home… I’d have paddled out well beyond where my feet can touch, and perhaps I’d have been swallowed alive.

My birthday was wonderful, spending with good friends and fantastic weather. I am now the proud owner of an iPhone 4 and some really cute clothes. Spending my first birthday with Rick was a great success, he was wonderful to me, and set the bar for birthdays to come quite high. To top it off, I had around 100 Facebook comments, private emails, and phone calls to wish me a happy birthday, which really made me feel the love.

Rick and I are off on vacation for the long weekend, then back to reality. I am wrapping up my life, and getting ready to move on.  Still have tons to do. Can't wait to move past this part of life and onto the next.

24 August 2010

Beach and Beach some more

I love the beach. Its where i feel most at home. The calm sound of the waves as they hit the shore. I like the deafening sound of silence. Where the roar of the ocean drowns out the noise and you are left with only your thoughts and the sea. Its a good place to regroup and gather your thoughts

I have never lived further than a few hours from the beach. Growing up it was about a 3 hour drive.
In college it was a 30 minute drive or less depending on where i stayed. Now its about a 2 hour drive give or take.I can't imagine being landlocked. I even applied to Colorado State University for Grad School but that was mainly for a backup to my backup.  I wanted to go to UCLA. I even applied and was even accepted.. I really wanted to move to California, or so I thought, But the cost of living was just so expensive there was no way I could afford it on my own. Looks like I might end up out there anyways. But not just yet.

My parents used to live within 5 miles of where my house is now back in the 70's. They used to take day trips to the beach with their friends, or would get a cheap motel room and make a weekend of it. I don't like to stay in cheap motels. I'm pretty spoiled like that. My family used to stay in motels on our family vacations, and looking back, we probably stayed in some dives. My parents always had decent money, we weren't swimming in it, but we were comfortable, but i guess that is how we were able to stay comfortable. Affordable vacation. I'm not sure how i became a hotel snob. I stayed in hostels in Europe, mainly because it was affordable and because i went to these cities to see things, not to see a hotel. Having said that, i'm still quite the snob. The money i save in hotels i spend in shopping. I still cannot wait to go back to Paris. I'm hoping that sometime next year we will be able to go back. But there are so many other cities and countries i have yet to visit. I often dream of foregoing child bearing so that I can travel the world, but i'm not just sure that the traveling will satisfy the need for rearing children. I guess I don't have to decide right now anyways.  Travel until i get knocked up or until the air fare for a baby is no longer free. I like saying knocked up. I know you're not supposed to its all improper or something, but until i am "with child" I think it sounds just fine .

Back to the beach. I have a friend with a beach house who is going to let me and a few friends "rent" it out for the weekend. Nothing like celebrating my birthday with some good friends and the beach. Davy and Vanessa are bringing their kids, Im bringing my dogs, my other friends are leaving their kids behind.

Typically for my birthday I get a hurricane. I've been in several hurricanes over the years, living where i do on the East Coast. Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana on my 25th. I'm hoping this year the storms hold off for just one more weekend. Then it can rain forever for all i care! Especially considering i won't see much rain for the next many years to come. I better enjoy it while i can.  At least the weather will be quite cool this weekend.

19 August 2010

Good Bye Soccer

I have retired from soccer again. I feel like Brett Favre, constantly announcing my retirement, then playing again. Will i ever completely quit playing soccer? no. absolutely not. Where there's a ball, a pine cone, a small enough rock that it doesn't break my foot, or any other piece of trash that can be rolled up into a roundish object, I will continue to kick. I just am no longer going to play competitively.

thats it. I'm done. And i'm so happy to be done. I ended on such a great note! We won the Neptune Soccer Classic in Virginia Beach for the second year running. And did so with great results. Came back from two games of a 0-1 deficit to win both 3-1. We were awesome! And now we are done. At least I am. And the timing couldn't have been better:

There are some amazing ladies that played on that team and were just awesome and appreciative and great people. The great thing about moving on, is moving on. And as I write this, i am doing just that.

I’m over it. so - Good bye. Goodbye Raleigh Rage. Thanks for the numerous wins. Was it worth it? Absolutely. Girls will be girls. Period. No matter the age. I have a better phrase, but i'm being a big person here. As for me, for now, It is retirement. We won the season twice, we won the Neptune Soccer tournament two years in a row and now I’m done. I choose to quit while I’m ahead and still able to walk. Cheers!

17 August 2010

12 more days... not that i'm counting.

I had a great weekend! Rick and I drove to my parents house for a nice relaxing weekend with my parents, and my sister, brother in law, and 2 nephews. The dogs came too.

Carter is 3, Brady is nearly 2.  They were so much fun. Carter is my best friend and seriously follows me around EVERYWHERE I have to be careful because he will say anything i say too. Rick and I took carter to his first movie ever! He did such a great job too. Sitting still, not talking, We went to see Toy Story 3. Rick Cried. He's already seen it. He cried anyways. It was emotional in a cartoony type of way, but i can't really manage tears in times like that. He cries at the beginning of UP too. We left that movie with my sister for the boys to watch. I tried to get Carter to watch Aladdin but he was not interested. I did give them a magic lamp, and Brady LOVED it. He did not want to put it down. He called it his "juice" and kept telling me it was all gone.

On Sunday afternoon, we went on a walk with the dogs. It was supposed to be a super short walk, but we had so much fun. It started raining. Drizzle at first and then downpour. We were soaked (except our backs were dry), mom wore a plastic bag on her head (hahahaha) and Carter jumped in every puddle. It was memorable for sure!

WE are going back to visit my parents and sister there this coming weekend and then..... in 12 days, i'll be 30! We might go to the beach for my birthday for a relaxing weekend, or have a party. It is still undecided.

i'm excited about my birthday. Its the best day of the year in my opinion. especially with Rick being nearly 12 years older than myself, i will never be in his age bracket. My thirties hold a lot of gifts in store. I will start a family of my own. (rick can help too). I will be moving to Dubai as soon as i finish my degree, get details worked out, and well, sort out my details.... I still have a lot to do, but i finished my proposal the other day, and am patiently waiting for my advisor to read it and meet with me. Hopefully I will move back to the states before my 40s begin, but that will be determined later.

Labor day weekend, Rick and I will travel again, and hopefully will do something fun, but i guess it all depends.
As for now, time to work. I've got a busy few weeks ahead of me, and times not moving any slower. 

13 August 2010

Quit looking at the sun

If you look at the sun long enough you'll go blind. If you touch the stove while its on, you'll get burned,
Yet you continue to do such things and then cry about it? Does anyone really hear your cries?

Heres something your mother may not have shared with you. Its called tough love. For instance, if  i say something in my blog, and it offends you, then QUIT READING. Hurt you once, shame on me, hurt you twice, shame on you. My mother would say, I told you to stop, i have no pity for you, suck it up. If you keep going back to the same place and expect different reactions, you're quite insane. Its like getting drunk, driving your car and getting pulled over, and then doing it again and getting the same results. What did you expect?  Try not to kill anyone will ya? i've lost plenty of friends to both Drunk Driving AND BY drunk Drivers. Dont' get me started on this rant.

When i tell a snake, SNAKE< you're all scaly and slithery, and the snakes gets mad b/c he doesn't want to hear how slimy and creepy he is, he wants to hear You're a fear evoking SNAKE. But the truth it, you can just chop a snakes head off with a shovel, then he's worthless. You tell it the truth, and he mopes away. Hurt. because he apparently didn't realize his traits were so undesirable. So he cries and tells his mother, but everyone laughs and laughs because everyone already knew the truth. Silly snake. you're just a snake. Now go away.

What good do you think you're bringing by staring at the sun? Truth, it seems, is a double edged sword. Truth isn't always pretty. 

QUIT LOOKING AT THE SUN AND YOU WON"T GO BLIND. you were warned  by your mother once to stay away, do it again, SHAME ON YOU. Nobody cares what you have to cry about when you were warned. Look at Icarus. His wings melted because he didn't' listen. We have no pity upon him either. though everyone remembers him. What good have you done so that they will remember you?

04 August 2010

Black like CRACK ( berry )

All I want to say is i'm done traveling across time zones until September. These are the Beeman women. My two sister in laws and my mother in law. They're all quite wonderful people. Among the three children, there are 9 kids and we had a large family photo with my mother and father in law, all the kids and grandkids. It was fun, we color coded by family. I hope we get good results.

I'll go to Virginia Beach this weekend to play soccer. Charlotte next weekend to see my sister and nephews and steve. Then i'll stay home a weekend or two. Then labor day, back to Houston for a long weekend.

People call blackberries CRACKBERRIES because they are addictive. I suppose an iPhone is just as addictive. Its funny to see how many people read my blog from their blackberries. I can monitor where you live and where you look at my blog. I can tell if you are using a computer with Window Operating system, MAC, what web browser you are using. and so on. Even if you are using a BlackBerry or Iphone or a droid. Each one is unique in its browsing detail. I even got an iPad hit from Minnesota!  Maybe my favorite Red Headed statistician who just relocated up there just got an ipad??? hmmm... i think she did!

They always say everything is bigger in Texas.  For 7 months running - Texas is my number one state, meaning, i have more readers in Texas than the rest of the world. then comes North Carolina, and California in a close third.... But Texas by far takes the cake.

I guess everything IS bigger in Texas, and that includes me. Crackberries or not.  I'm quite the popular bird, even though i would rather be a fish..... the mermaid type of course.
Thanks for coming out! I'll be sure to talk about my latest adventures soon.