19 July 2010

Red Eyes and Good Guys

My husband is an amazing man. He is also amazing under pressure. At times where I would freak out or panic, he keeps his cool and prays. And it always does work out anyways doesn't it? No matter how we react or behave.

I have been in the Bay area of Northern California for the last 4 days. Ricks parents live out there. The view from their living room and front porch is amazing!

I flew back to RDU today. I left SFO last night. Rick drove me to the airport. Once we got there we realized that the trunk wouldn't open. We had taken the Valet key and once we put it into the ignition, the computer told it not to open. We tried and tried, so finally we called Ricks father to come out and bring the master key.  We ran to the US airways counter to get my ticket and explain my case, while rick waited outside for his dad to arrive. The Airline guy said that they were boarding in 15 minutes and if we got back in time with my bag, he would help me get on the plane. So we ran back to where Rick was waiting on his dad, anxiously and nervously. Of course while we waited, the little photographer took a few pics of us. He was even directing, and the third shot you see, was his idea.

So my father in law, Don finally arrived. We opened the trunk, grabbed the bag, thanked him graciously, and quickly ran to the elevators, down to the first floor, across the parking garage, across the moving sidewalks, up the 2 escalators, to the US Airways counter, and the man escorted me to the front of the very long security line, 30 minutes before my flight was set to depart. He cut me in line, took me to the front of the xray machine, and wished me safe travels. I think the hundreds of people behind me were grumbling, but it really wasn't my fault. Silly Valet keys and thank God for Don and the USAir guy! As soon as i put my shoes back on i hear, BYE JENNI! it was rick and he had a little person on his shoulders and they were waving at me madly!! They were waiting that entire time just to tell me goodbye. What a great guy! And i would had never seen him had he not had someone on his shoulders. And I yelled to them that i loved them and they said goodbye and i looked back several times, all of which they were still there, watching and waving. It made me tear up to know how loved I am, but i was running late and had to look back one more time and then start running to my gate... I made it to my gate just as they boarded the last of the passengers. I slept the entire flight and we arrived in Charlotte at 545AM. Sadly, my flight to RDU was delayed. I waited for 3 hours to board what should've been arriving at 830 rather than 1030... I came home and slept and went to work. What a day. I prefer the redeye because it gives me a whole day in Cali (we went to San Francisco) BUT the downside is sleeping on the plane and having to start the day when you arrive. Unless you're like me. I went home and slept. Went to work later. Talked to Rick again and some wonderful boys it was cute that they wanted to get on the phone. Having a three way conversation was quite interesting really. Then i came home to skype. They went to a movie and i stayed home. Work tomorrow and i'm beat. Only a few more days until i head back to California. I can't wait!

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