05 July 2010

houston.... again?

Im in Houston again. Rick and I have some business to deal with here. Yeah. thats what i'm calling it. Business.

So last night, we had this awesome night planned. We booked a suite downtown Houston very close to the Largest Land Based Fireworks display in the country.  At least that is what they claimed. It was beautiful and totally awesome. And we could walk quickly from our hotel to get there so we avoided the cluster of traffic that pervaded the streets. Yeah, i said pervaded.

We walked to the fireworks, grabbed a late dinner and had an amazing time. The song playing in my head right now is "aint nothin gonna break my stride, cant  nobody slow me down oh no, i got to keep on moving" Here's what i mean

This morning we had room service breakfast, totally, comped, at 730. It was romantic and wonderful. We get along so well and are really best friends in the world. Today rick and i worked together to show our awesome teamwork skills. We have great attitudes about our life together and are having so much fun. Rick has a beautiful home in Spring Texas, outside of town. I'll spare the details but lets just say a dude skipped town and rent and probably lived in filth for a long time. We decided to make the most of today and cleaned the master suite and bathroom. we have such amazing attitudes and we are so positive. ITs so nice to be with someone so positive and optimistic. Having all aces in your hand helps. My life actually has a running soundtrack playing as i live.  As we were cleaning this disgusting filth, I started humming, subconsciously and didn't realize until rick started singing along. You are my Sunshine. It was cute. We are so perfect, but i digress. I want to say,  Some people are idiots. Some are jerks. Some are lazy. Some are greedy. Some are cocky, like the song says. Some people think they have the world in their hands. I'd like to think in the end, Good Prevails. Innocence wins. The naive are vindicated and Life is good.

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