06 July 2010

The Calm Before the Storm

Ever notice how right before a storm it gets really quiet? I always wonder, is that mother natures way of preparing itself for the impending doom, torture and destruction
There are always signs of what is to come. Birds disappear. The sky turns green. Clouds roll in and quietly everything grows dark. We all brace ourselves. The grass and trees even seem to deepen their roots, fighting to stand their ground. But the stillness of the air, as it suddenly grows stagnant and stale. Everything stops, time stands still, and then it strikes. One drop of rain then another, and suddenly you can't see more than inches as the rain comes down in sheets.

People living in California don't really know about our storms. Thunder and lightening are scarce as is the rain. But here in the south we get rain. Buckets of rain. Floods. Tornadoes. Hurricanes. Green skies. House shaking booms of thunder. The crack of lightening as it hits a target.We know these things all too well.
There's always a calm before the storm. Question is, are you ready for it to strike?

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