05 June 2010

there's nothing like Journey

No literally. I love Journey. There's nothing like kicking back, listening to Journeys greatest hits.You can listen to every single song on the album without needing to skip over one.

Its quite an emotional journey to take.  wait. No pun intended.

I plan on having a great summer. I miss the days of being a full time student. Especially a college student. Freedom is yours. You have no responsibility, but you're still an adult. Its a great combination. I sure do miss it. You don't appreciate it until you're all grown up.

A man at work the other day asked me about my PhD and my 25 years of life. I remarked that i'd be 30 in a few short months. If he wasn't happily married i'd have said he was hitting on me, but its true, I don't think I look 30 yet. I still get carded at casinos and bars which means they're not quite sure how old i am either, but i'm definitely looking older than 21. But 30? I think i'm supposed to start dressing a certain way now. I'm not sure what people "my age" wear. I knew a woman in her late 40s that tried to dress like she was 16, but not just 16, but a slutty 16. I was embarrassed for her at times. Who wants to see an older woman's cleavage (and i'm talking major cleavage)? Unless its Demi Moore, please cover up and dress your age..
But what is my age? I can still fit into clothes from the Junior department and often shop there. I mean you can never go wrong with acid wash jeans and a tshirt... oh wait, wrong generation. (ricky that was a stab at you and your people born in the 60s) But really, when does a person have to start dressing their age? And what does dressing my age look like? I was born in the 80s (but one of the last products created in the 70s), but still, my "generation" of 80s born children, i run the gambit all the way to kids born in 89 about to buy their first legal drink... so you see, its confusing. Do i fit in with them? Hardly. I'm a bit more, advanced, than most 20 year olds. So its quite a dilemma. Any suggestions are great. I shop at Victorias Secret Catalogue, Roxy.com, and Ann Taylor Loft, oh and the juniors departments of target, Dillards, Macys,... you get the idea. When you blend the styles together, you end up with ... well, me. I love clothes from VS< especially dresses. My shoes mostly come from Zappos.com because i'm a vip.zappos.com customer. My dogs ate my checkered Vans which were my favorite shoes. I used to skateboard, so i'm allowed to wear them. I would prefer to surf and you better believe i'll be in the cold Pacific in a few weeks attempting to surf. totally stoked. I hear the Pac is cold in Cali, personally, my experience with it is limited to Costa Rica in February, and it was absolutely brilliant.

So i'll be 30 soon. Its a bit hard to say out loud, let alone put into writing, but there you have it. My life goal was to be done with my Phd by my 30th birthday. There is nothing like waiting for the last minute, but here we are. Less than 3 months away. I guess i better stop writing so much here and put a little more in writing on something else. :)

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