26 June 2010

Surfing, Shopping, and Boat Day

Thursday I went surfing in San Diego. It was a nice end to my rather long and enjoyable week. I love my life. I am so blessed to have so many good things in it. Friends and family to share it with only make it better.

My cousin  Paul picked me up from my hotel. He is going to school at UCSD I believe. Something like that.  His roommate, the German I shall now refer to as Roland works at a lab on the ocean. He is studying oceanography. My cousin just got his masters degree in Chemistry and is going for his PhD. So we went to where Rowland works, grabbed some wetsuits and boards, and attempted to surf. I would say I surfed, but mostly we floated. It has been about 18 months since I have gone surfing. The water was nice, the weather was beautiful, but the waves were just a bit flat today. That’s ok. There were a few, and I tried. Got up once… mostly.  Over all I was quite unfit for surfing. It was a great time though.

There was a Harbor Seal, I call it a Sea Cow, on the beach. He was just lying there. All sad looking, wasn’t really moving much. Was just lying there looking quite pathetic. He reminded me of my Marley when she is all tired from a long walk and just wants to lie there and do nothing. Sort of like that. Sun bathing, but clearly something was wrong.  Later on the Sea World truck came by and loaded it up. I asked if he were sick (as I suspected) and they said yes, very. Poor Seal. They will take him to their vet and then release him after he gets well. He was NOT happy about the cage he was put into. I wanted to pet him and comfort him, but I hear they can bite. I didn’t want to get bitten. I miss my Marley anyways, so I’m sure it made me more sympathetic. 

After the beach, we went on a walk to lunch where i treated the guys. I remember grad school. I was so blessed to have people to take me to dinner so it was nice to pay it forward.  After lunch we went to my hotel so i could check out. My cousin roamed around. There was this little village near my hotel so Paul and I walked around and I did a little shopping. I like to get a Christmas ornament everywhere I travel. I also got rick a gift, but it is mostly an inside joke, so I won't elaborate. It was cheap and a gift that will keep on giving. At least for a little while. He will be home soon enough and then next weekend we are off on vacation again. Our entire life is one big journey. I am sure it will settle down soon enough, but as for when, that remains to be seen.

My flight home was ok. I took the red eye and we were running a bit late, but being in first class helped. I actually slept almost the entire flight which is great because i hardly ever can sleep on planes, so it was a good thing. The day of surfing helped a lot. I was completely exhausted from the day, paddling on a board against the current is not an easy task and i am quite out of practice. It really takes a lot of practice to surf and not something you can pick back up overnight.  we walked about a mile to lunch and a mile back, all on the crowded beach. Then we did tons of walking around when i decided to shop. I'm like an alcoholic when it comes to shopping. Once i start I don't want to stop, so its best i dont' start. Typically i don't shop. I dont' like shopping, but i add an asterisk to that because i really do like shopping. I tend to look for bargains and sales racks. Most everything i purchased was under $5, so i didn't do too badly.

Yesterday I arrived at the airport, drove home, took a nap, went to work around noon, worked most of the day, then came home and slept. 

Today I took the dogs to the lake where a bunch of my friends were hanging out on their boats, a yearly event they call Boat Day. The dogs love swimming in the lake and it was nice that there weren't any ducks to worry about. My friends and i were having a nice time. We listened to the USA game on the radio. I wanted to watch it but the dogs really needed the exercise after me being gone a week and swimming for 3 hours seemed like the best idea. I got to drive around on a jet ski for a bit and that was rad.

I love being out on the water. In my next life, i choose to be a Mermaid. Its what i always wanted. I actually grew my hair out super long and made a skirt with a mermaid tail out of some pretty great fabric. I love to sew and make things like that. I think when i have little girls i'll try to make cute little outfits for them, not out of necessity but out of desire to have unique things. maybe if i get a chance for halloween i'll wear it and take a pic

The girls are very tired. They love riding around in our car. The Scion XBeem-obile

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