16 June 2010

Smiling at the Blind

I made ribs last night!! Thanks for the vote of confidence Cathy. You're right, it wasn't that hard to do and I ate 3/4 of a rack of ribs. yeah yeah i'm a big pig. they were pretty good!
Then i went to get some ice cream. But dang it! I ate it all the other day and forgot! I hate it when that happens.

Its not as bad as the fact that my razor died about a week ago and i keep forgetting to replace that. I found a blade but had no handle for it, so have made do, but talk about fun! i kept forgetting to get one. I forget to shop for necessary items a lot. I'm sure i'll make an excellent mother.

I really am horrible at taking care of myself in that way. I have fine blonde hair anyways so its hard to remember my legs get hairy. I guess with Rick around I really will have to do a better job but maybe he wont mind. he he he.

Last week, Rick ordered me a pair of shoes via Zappos to replace my old Vans. the box had the right size but the shoes inside were way too small. Size 6.5 to be exact. I didn't check so i tried to put them on. they were so small and i didn't fit but sort of crammed my foot in there.. I was wondering if i had changed or the sizing changed from my last mangled pair. But no, they were in the wrong box. I felt like a giant. I have pretty big feet anyways, at least for my height. I'm the shortest family member but my feet are larger than my mother and sisters. Probably why im good at sports. Great balance. My friend Chadwick says I have exceptionally great looking feet. Especially for a soccer player, but personally I think he has a foot fetish. dont' worry, he's taken. Just a nice guy.

oh well. that's all i have to say. Oh except

I smiled at a blind man today. And then he smiled back at me. I guess my smile radiates rainbows and sunshine and happiness and all that grand stuff. He must have known. It was fun. I actually caught myself mid smile thinking, am i really smiling at this blind man playing piano? Then again, I basically smile at everyone all the time. I had an executive at my company ask me if i was ever not smiling. I think that is a compliment. I took it that way. What do i have to be unhappy about? And if you didn't know "I just like to smile. Smiling's my favorite"

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