09 June 2010

Sick Days

I have been stuck in bed the past two days. I got up once yesterday to make a quick lunch and then later to the drug store to get some meds. Today i was able to actually sit up and make some food. Aside from that, i've been laying down all day. I have a migraine i think, but i did have a slight fever yesterday and today. My entire frontal lobe felt like it was going to explode, it was the worst headache i've ever had. Light made it worse and it was impossible for me to sit up or stand. The throbbing in my head was horrible. So i slept all day

I am pretty sure i will be able to go back to work tomorrow. I'll be behind and will have a lot to catch up on but such is life.

today i made capellini with diced tomatoes and marinara sauce with basil oregano and garlic. It was really good. I mean basically I made spaghetti but with thinner pasta Because I like the texture of the super thin pasta much better than spaghetti. And it made me really happy. And i added cheese. Life is much better with cheese. 

The best part of being sick was that i got to see Ricks face today and yesterday. The light from the computer screen really made my head pound, so i couldn't turn on any lights in my house and I had all of the lights in my entire house off for two days. But i got to see and speak to him. I really love him a ton. I miss the simple things though. Like holding his hand, hugging him tightly. Having him around makes things great. Someone to talk to, lean on, cook for, and mostly someone to laugh with. Its the little things i'm missing right now. I can think of a few bigger things i miss too. Well, it is now time for me to go to bed. I have a doctors appointment first thing in the morning, and then a full day of work. Yay.

I really miss Rick a ton. I'm really counting down the days until he gets here. I think its like 23 more. so what? 3 weeks and some change. YAY!!! It really is hard being married and so far apart, but from here out, we plan to be together forever. Wherever that may be. Wherever he wants to go, i will follow. After all, He IS the man! And I have absolutely no problem letting him be just that. 

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