27 June 2010

Once Upon a Time...

Today I want to tell a story, one i have yet to tell. It begins a long long time ago with my sister. When we were little girls, just about the ages of 3 and 4, we realized we had a special ability. Even before that, i was left to taste the surroundings... I knew something was up. In the second picture you can see my legs are a bit chubby, they are actually drying out from the tail I had just grown, only was too young to realize.

Soon though, We found out that we were MERMAIDS!!  We were amazing swimmers and had such great love for the ocean. We knew one day our tails would grow, so we practiced swimming with our ankles crossed together. As we grew older, our dreams faded, but never escaped... My last few years in Charleston, SC things began to all look so clear to me. I knew what was happening and I did my best to spend each and every day by the sea. I collected beautiful shells and used them to make jewelry. But sadly, I had to leave the coast. Every night, I would stare out the window and mourn my loss. The sea was so far away and the smell of the salt air was no longer in range and my spirit began to grieve. My closest encounter of knowing I was close to my dream was with my dolphin friend who decided to swim up to the deserted shore one day just to say hello. Kindred spirits as we were, he came my way and we locked gazes for a while, each curiously staring back at the other, and then he said goodbye. I tried to visit as much as i could, but the business of life took over and sadly, i was no longer able to return like i once did.
My tan would soon fade, but the memory and the dream continued to grow silently within....

Two years later, far away from the sea, I still had  my long beach blonde mermaid hair as I got my Masters Degree... It was awesome, so i kept growing it longer... Trips back to the coast grew more and more frequent.

And longer and longer and longer.
So long as it grew, i myself became a mermaid... I did not own my own body, nor did control the way it behaved once i came in contact with water. I was a fish, but I was also a woman. I was bound to the sea, and mourned the loss of the distance between my home and the nearest ocean. 80 miles was 75 more than I had been dealing with prior to my conversion. I was in the ocean practically every day that I could be and made countless vacations to Charleston, as well as my sisters home in Florida, but everytime i left, my heart grew heavy and I knew like anyone with a strength, there was only one thing I should do.....  

After long contemplation and much deliberation, in order to share with the world my secret and my passion, at least for a short while.... I grabbed my scissors, formed a braid with all that i could grab, and i cut. The scissors were quite dull, so it was more like a sawing motion of open and shut, but little by little, the hair let go and was free.

And I did it all by myself....

But the story doesn't end here. Afterwards the hair was shipped off to a place  where little bald girls dream of one day having blonde locks like mine in hopes that they too could become a mermaid, but then I grew weak. Unable to make rational decisions, I did the best I could, but like Samson, my strength was in my long flowing locks and there was nothing left to do except wait...  Six years later, the mane that once was, has now begun yet again. Not quite as it was once,  but soon it shall be.  With careful trips to the ocean to ensure the salt sea enriches and nourishes my skin and hair in order to properly relinquish myself to my former state. One day soon  the mermaid tail shall return again. You can take the mermaid out of the ocean but you can never take the ocean away from the mermaid. The sea is more than just a place to go, it is a state of mind, a oneness with nature, a state of inner being, a peace of mind, It is where i find my heaven. And that, is something I shall never lose.


  1. hahaha someone has been writing her thesis too long! love it, a much more interesting way to say I want to grow my hair long again ;)

  2. what do you mean Gina? I'm confessing the truth about my tail ;)
    not sure i'll ever be able to donate to locks of love again, but it was fun to do myself.