14 June 2010

Marbles Playtime

My friend Vanessa was in a bind this weekend. Her husband was in Europe on Business and she was invited to a German World Cup party. (She is from Germany). Her dilemma was that her four year old Sarah was invited to a birthday party and she already told Sarah about it so she was excited, so you can’t untell a child stuff like that.

Vanessa was telling me this on Friday over dinner with her and the kids (Tyler is only one), and I offered to take Sarah to the party. Apparently when you have a child that age you can’t just drop them off, you have to stay with them. The party was at the Marbles Museum in Downtown Raleigh.  I’d never been to the museum part, so it was a treat for me too. (sort of).. I unfortunately mistook this museum for the one with the dinosaur that overlooks downtown Raleigh , 
so my excitement was short lived. BUT, sarah and I had a great time playing in the children’s museum. (which btw is not a real museum but a hands on indoor playground for kids) I’ve been to the IMAX but not the museum. I’m over it and now I don’t have to go ever again. :
It was pretty neat, but since my job was to not lose the kid – I had to pay extra attention and basically followed her around everywhere, which resulted in me playing with her. We made and baked pizzas, collected money, delivered pizza, walked dogs, put cats in a doghouse, hunted for the lost rabbit, went down a slide, made lemonade, painted, made magic wands, raced cars we got to make ourselves, stood on surfboards, hula hooped, drove stationary cars and boats, played Snow White on the stage with the other little girls, and then finally, found our way to the Pirate Ship where we went up and down and up and down and up and down the ladder. Her friend Flora appointed me captain, so I was in charge. They did what I said, which was like swabbing the deck, hoisting the anchor, raising the flag, navigating the map, steering the boat away from the purple monster, etc, etc. It was cute and they were a lot of fun.  For a couple of hours I got to play mommy, and then when it was all done, Sarah and I went to (GASP) McDonalds. What else do you feed a 4 year old in quick time? Now I get it rick – and no that doesn’t mean you can take our kids to McD’s on the regular… BUT had I had child friendly food at my house, I’d have brought her there. She is the second person to comment about how cool my car is to ride in. I must admit, the Scion is much cooler inside than out. I still think it looks like a London Taxi Cab. Maybe if I take it overseas, I’ll have people try to get in my car, sort of like Nicks yugo, named Jessie often mistaken for a taxi... not sure how.

The birthday party was in the theme of another Jessie, you know Woody's girl in Toy Story.
 The party favor was a Recyclable shopping bag with the green alien on the front. You know, the cute little green guy that when you squeeze him his three eyes pop out.
He always reminds me of the fish (Blinky) from the Simpsons. You know, the one mutated in the river that Bart caught, and then they served to Mr. Burns when he came over to promote himself being a family man to win the election. It backfired terribly when he spit the fish out of his mouth.  Gotta love the Simpsons.

I’m full of so much useful information today. How about the goalie from England, I hear the USA awarded him player of the match after his awesome near save against Clint Depmseys not even rocket shot right at him. Haha. If you don’t know what I’m talking about watch it here:

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  1. my my you are well rounded.....good luck with the MC D's future, maybe there is hope lol