02 June 2010

Its cooking time!!!

Ricky Beeman, this blogs for you:

I have decided, now that i'm married, its time to start cooking again. I love to cook and there's nothing more satisfying than cooking a good meal and enjoying it. I have a vast array of things that I can cook. I have only made 2 meals for my husband. A lasagna with tons of vegetables in it that he and everyone else LOVED and a breakfast sandwich with bacon, egg and cheese. You really can't go wrong with that recipe, and I believe he asked me why I didn't serve him more, so I will take that as he liked it.

The issue I usually have with cooking is touching raw meat, and deciding what to cook. I wash my hands a bajillion times when i cook. Raw meat is pretty gross. And I have some sort of phobia about buying food at the grocery store. I think it stems from my grad school days when every penny had to be stretched so far. I had to really plan my money wisely or i'd end up running out each month, so I would really stress out about $100+ grocery bills. I go through periods where there is absolutely nothing in my fridge but condiments, eggs, butter, and baking soda. And in the freezer, I think some frozen meat, ice packs, lots of frozen glasses and mugs, and some vegetables that probably should've been eaten last year. 

(see this guy all lost without me? He can't possibly think eating unhealthy is a worse option than living alone can he)

When I do finally go to the grocery store, I have to make sure i'm really hungry or else I'll end up with nothing. Usually I go to the store with a loose dinner plan, i.e. grab something for dinner, and wind up with a week or two worth of food. I guess its ok for me to spend around $300 a month on food if not more, but i'm so anal about where that money goes and food to me seems like a waste. (i totally know its not). Sometimes i go in and try to buy the "cheapest" stuff, or find the best deal or whatever. Other times I go in and just buy food as plain and simple as that. My mother never really fussed over what food we got, because we ate it. It only goes to waste if it goes to waste. A bag of spinach lasts approximately 1.5 meals in my house so i have to buy several bags if i want to eat what i like. A bag of baby carrots lasts an infinite span of time I have realized. The one i bought in April (maybe) is still unopened. I better rememdy that. A bag of granny smith apples will last me the exact number of apples in days. I hate letting food go to waste, but i also hate eating things i'm either not in the mood for or not really digging at the moment such as the carrots that i'll probably force myself to eat now that i've put it out there. In my fridge now i have Cod, Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli slaw, Carrots (read above), Squash, Corn on the Cob, eggs, Strawberries, Schnozzberries, black bean dip, one gallon of spoiled milk and one half gallon of good almost bad milk and grapefruit juice, a loaf of whole grain bread that i bought to be healthy but its soooo grainy i'm not sure i will be able to indulge, plus the staples that never leave. My freezer is quite full too. Mostly indian and asian food and then fruit and veggies plus some meat.  I got tired of eating my Tika Masala night after night, so i decided i'd start cooking dinner again.  Plus Rick needs to learn how to eat vegetables.  Im mostly writing this for him so he can brace himself. I know he'll eat corn, but broccoli slaw or squash, not so much. so the trick is to learn how to prepare them so that he will eat them. I dont' think i'll ever get him to eat the slaw, but i think with enough cheese or meat, any vegetable is possible. I'm ok with him not liking mushrooms b/c i LOVE them and hate to have to share them at all. I grilled my first steak ever (by myself) on Friday. The girls really enjoyed the fatty pieces that i didn't want to eat. I also have a ton of metal skewers (they dont' burn like the wooden ones) and i just throw veggies on the grill alongside the meat. I also grilled corn which is super easy to do. I also like raw corn. If you ever lived on a farm or with a garden, you've tried it. Its really good raw.

Tonight for dinner i made sweet potato fries (baked with lots of spices aka SALT for RICKY), cod with butter, pepper and garlic (and other seasoning i'm not going to mention), and a salad. I'm out of spinach, so i had to make broccoli slaw salad. I added dried pomegranate and cranberries and balsamic vinegar. its not the best, but this is all part of the practice. Its good for me to get that part out of the way so that he doesn't get turned off by my meals. Rick is going to be at my house soon and I want to make him the best food ever. Going out to eat isn't really an option for us right now for several reasons, namely i don't like it. And to be honest, i'm not going to buy into the whole, but i haven't had that in forever bc i live in Bahrain. Well you made your bed, lie in it buddy, you're eating what I'm fixing. The domesticated part of marriage is about to begin. Remember the for better or for worse vows ??? insert evil laugh here. One more month to go. I can't wait!

p.s. On a grosser note: the dogs rolled around in something that smells like poop but definitely isn't dog poop... come home soon. we need help!

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  1. So, so glad for both of you. I hope you enjoy your creations in cooking Jennifer. I'll send you a PM via FB too.