30 June 2010

I can justify anything

I love reading the paper and watching the news. Not because of the events but because of the human psyche. People are marvelous, complex, but so degenerate.

Today a inmate crew was cleaning up a freeway a county down the road. (Durham county). They found a bag of remains, which initially were thought to be animal remains. Turns out it was human. Or I should say the decomposed remains of what was one a human body. In the earliest report, they were ruling that it might be a homicide... Quite an intelligent statement by said authorities.  I would have ruled it a suicide personally. a quite elaborate one. Its very conceivable. put yourself inside a trashbag, cover your head with another one, and die of asphyxiation. OH, and on top of that you have to walk because a stranded car would tip them off. Clearly i jest. It was obviously a homicide. But that's my unprofessional opinion. What do i know.

IN other news, the woman that accused the Duke lacrosse boys of rape a few years back has been arrested for attempted murder, several counts of arson, and child abuse maybe... She's worried that because of the wrongful accusations she made a few years ago, she wont' get a fair trial. Her boyfriend or husband or whatever hit her and she tried to get away, called the cops, and somehow he was  nearly stabbled and someone sets his clothes on fire in the bathtub but she had nothing to do what that and claims innocence in the whole matter. If anything she is the victim here.  Hmm.... 
I think there are some people that need drama in order to feel comfortable in their lives. Chaos causes order to these people. Sure her track record might bias the jury if and when this goes to trial, but doesn't lying and creating a huge National media frenzy bear witness to her character in the first place? Then again, i'm already biased because of her past, so I guess she's right. Just because she lied and let it carry on for over a year (i guess i lost track of the actual timeline) that doesn't mean that she has poor character. No, not at all. 

Its like when a woman goes and smiles at another man, so her husband cheats on her and justifies it. I mean smiling is practically the same thing as cheating, so i guess fair is fair. Or a mans wife just had a baby so isn't really feeling up to sex, so he goes out and finds it from someone else. Trust me, i've heard this one before. Or worse, the man that beats his wife relentlessly and claims that she slapped him first, so really she had it coming.  Or do you remember Susan Smith? The lady that killed her children and accused someone of stealing her car and abducting them? Turns out they were strapped into the backseat and driven into the lake. But she was the victim.  You can write her a letter if you want, but only if you are non-judgmental and sincere. She likes rainbows and Mickey Mouse. I guess i'm being a little harsh, but i think my point conveys.
People are sick and twisted and will tell anyone, anything, to get their sympathy. Even if they have to lie, steal, cheat, or kill: As long as they never go hungry again. Right Scarlet?

What is wrong with these people?? I'm serious. How do these people get away with it (i mean some don't get away with it huh susie?) I just don't get it. Somehow the abuser turns things around and becomes the victim. Its so manipulative. But I don't think that the "victim" realizes how warped they really are.  

I knew a man once that somehow wrapped the world around his finger. It was so messed up. He got  arrested, or he would lose a job or just do some pretty messed up stuff but he was always the victim.  Or would have this come to Jesus moment where he would see the err of his ways and would totally turn his life around. It would last for like two days and then back to old ways. He was always blameless. It was infuriating. For a while he got me on his side through careful manipulation. Its funny, you get mad at someone for wronging you and then suddenly you find yourself apologizing to them instead. Its so messed up. But being on his side was pretty cool because i too became invincible and blameless, until it grew tiresome and I always had to side with him, or exaggerate the truth. I always had to give in. It sucked.  Living a double life wasn't for me. 

And then one morning, i woke up, battered and bruised, and dead on the inside. I lost a sense of self for a little while, but i didn't have to give up. I didn't have to roll over and die right there.  And I didn't.  The really good thing about going through the stuff i've been through, is that it gave me insight to the human mind and how the other side works. The dark side. The people that have no real sense of reality and have the world turned so far upside down that they can't even remember which side is up. But i have no trouble sleeping at night, I don't have to lie to gain favor. I don't have to manipulate to get my way. I don't have to be dishonest or sacrifice my integrity. Because in the end, God wins.

I think i'm done ranting for today. I hope you found this entertaining. Drama seeking people so exhaust me.  You really shouldn't start a battle with a giant unless you have a slingshot. 

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  1. Leave the drama to yo mamma! Takes a while to get rid of it once you have let it in, it really is like a poison in your life. But once ya give it to God so much better!

    Congrats on sticking to your blogging by the way!! :D