12 June 2010


The world cup is here! Happy Friday!!! And nothing like day one opener to show the americans exactly why its not a popular sport here in the US. The first game, South Africa (aka home team) vs. Mexico went 1-1. The second match France vs.Uruguay went 0-0. Two goals in 180 minutes of football, ahem. soccer as you may.

Americans like goals and scoring so they get bored. You need to focus on other stuff America. If you need to drink over sports to get into it, let me make a suggestion:  Drink every time your team loses possession. Dont' have a team? Drink every time it changes possession. Dont know what possession is? Just keep drinking my sad friend. Or email me and i'll explain.  A friend of mine wanted to drink everytime they showed this really cute man on the Uruguay team. He was a star player, i think finally she gave up to avoid getting drunk. You don't have to drink at all though, the tempo and pace of this game are usually fast, and you can watch just as well while sipping a nice lemonade. 

What a way to start the weekend. There's nothing like the world cup. I mean nothing. The most popular sport in the entire world. Thats it. THE ENTIRE WORLD. Best of the best all playing for one country to have bragging rights for the next four years.

Four years ago, Zidane from France was going to retire anyways, it was a close match that went to PKs as it goes (penalty kicks) but before it went to that, Materazzi from Italy was talking trash to Zidane about his mom or sister. who really knows. Well Zidane is like this amazing footballer, and talented and just one of the best players in the world and you just shouldn't do that and expect a tired and frustrated Zidane to do nothing. Materazzi is like not the most favorite player anyways. . Watch here : This is how the 2006 World Cup wrapped up, more or less, i mean some penalty kicks followed but nobody was paying attention. We were all scratching our heads saying... HUH? what just happened?? I was at Disney World at the time.

So far Saturday is a better result. We've got South Korea defeating Greece 2 - nil, and  Argentina defeating Nigeria 1 - nil. This should be an interesting tournament. The world is changing and it really could be anyones game.  USA vs England today at 230! I've been waiting for this match the day they drew the rounds many moons ago.. And although i will cheer for the US, i secretly love the English team, so i'll be happy either way.

The only teams to have win the world cup out of 18 past tournaments beginning in 1930 are (by number of wins)  Brazil 5, Italy 4, W. Germany 3, Uruguay 2, Argentina 2, England 1, France 1
The USA placed third in the first ever World Cup, but has yet to place since then.
As americans we set our ambitions low and just hope to make it out of the first round. Sadly, we are happy with that type of result. After all, football is not our sport, and our youth, despite our growing efforts to grow and change, are happy playing the other three sports that define america: Pigskin (aka American football), baseball, and basketball, and i'm mostly ok with that.. At least as far as the men are concerned. American women still are known to dominate the world of soccer, and we'll get our chance next year in Germany...

Happy weekend

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