25 June 2010

Cold in June?

Yup. San Diego is cold in places. Like where the wind blows. The shade. They call it June Gloom, and the last few days of my trip I could tell it was ending. But hot there is not like hot at home. Home is hot and humid. SD was windy and cool. I first visited my friend Anna who just got engaged. We had a really fun time. We rented a boat on Mission Bay and caught the eyes of lots of men, as two blondes alone in a boat would.

It was very nice catching up with her and i'm very glad that we spent time together. Its amazing how alike we are. Like we're cut from the same mold more or less. My favorite thing to do is make my friends laugh. I love it. Mostly i speak my mind. Ok, i would say more than mostly. We saw some kid chasing around a sea gull by the bay and i said out loud : Think this through kid... What exactly will you do when you catch it. Seriously. What would he have done if he had caught it? It was a super big bird and i just can't imagine. Sure its fun to chase and tease them, but come ON. You would freak out if you had it in your hands. Trust me. Later, a bunch of Asians all grouped together for a photo. I took one with my camera too. I felt like reversing the stereotype.

They seemed to think it was funny too. 
Then the conference began. I stayed downtown and it was good fun. The view from my hotel was amazing and a coworker who spent some time in the Navy gave me a tour of Coronado Island. Talk about a great place to live. I found about 100 dream homes. Pretty much either one could be my home. The tour was great. The hotel was pretty amazing. That was a great time too.  I could see the Coronado bridge from my room. The view wasn't bad at all.

Tomorrow i plan to post about the last day in town which was quite nice.

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  1. looks beautiful, glad you had a great time. San Diego is beautiful and a lot like our weather here, Don says our weather is cooler than San Diego but it really depends on the day. Looking forward to seeing you soon, hopefully. The countdown has begun, fingers and toes are crossed and so is my heart.....mucho love across the states being sent right now