28 June 2010

100th POST!!!

Woo Hoo. I've shown a bit of consistency here in writing my blog. There were other blogs over the years that i wrote for myself, but they were... well, lets just say they're gone. There are plenty of things that i would like to say, but I hardly think this is the venue. My closest friends know my thoughts and opinions regarding the things that I don't discuss here. Interesting stuff really.  There are some pretty uptight people out in this world. I mean very uptight. I don't get it. I would consider myself a little stressed at times but i would hardly call myself uptight. Most of the time I'm a jokester. I used to get in trouble in school for making jokes all the time. I'm a really smart a$$ (b/c i had to quit swearing - do dollar signs count??) Most of the time people do laugh at what i have to say. I make my mom and aunt laugh all the time, my aunt always tells me i'm her favorite and that makes me feel good. My dad however is hit or miss. Sometimes he laughs but it depends on his mood. 

Some of you dont' know, i like to paint. I studied art and some design in college. I also make stuff, but those are pics for another time. I got a sewing machine a few years ago, which has been nice. Prior to that, i used my own hands to sew things. I love having a good pair of scissors. I digress. Only twice have I given a painting away. Sometime people want to purchase my stuff, but i'm so emotionally vested that once my sister got one and the there is the only other one that i've ever given away.  

I sketched this in pen in a class - the margins of my notebooks were always filled with doodles and markings. The color came naturally as i put the paintbrush to the canvas...  

I recently came across some photo CD's from 2004 which is probably why all the postings from the past.  

So to remember a painting that I doubt i will ever see again, I wanted to post a picture in its stead.  I hope you enjoy it as much as the memory has brought me joy. I'm glad I took a picture. Sometimes all we have left are memories and photographs. Will that ever be enough?

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