10 May 2010

What are you looking for?

Do you ever find yourself going back to the same websites, surfing the same pages, viewing the same things, looking for.....something? anything? what exactly is it? Aimlessly browsing, viewing, scrolling, clicking, searching the pages of your friends, favorite stores, vacation destinations.... What ARE you looking for?

The vortex of Facebook sucks you into the blackhole that it is. News Feeds from 500 (or more) of your closest friends, then come the Zynga Applications, pokes, and aquariums, ihearts, football matches, sword fights, ninjas and pirates.. the list goes on. Where have my friends and family disappeared? Rather than writing letters, placing phone calls, taking walks outdoors, planting REAL gardens, feeding real pets... many have succumbed to a false world. A world that isn't real. I often wonder what is the point. I think I played one of these games for a few months, and then, realized its futility, and I quit. I have some friends who sit in the living room next to one another after putting their children to bed, each sit on a laptop, an arms reach from one another, and rack up points on these games. And I ask them, why don't you spend the time together, i mean, really together. The moments that Rick and I appreciate so well- many others too often, take for granted. The quiet minutes. The times we sit together in silence. We've yet to watch television shows together. I think a great habit to begin a relationship. We have watched movies, and a few series downloads while in transit, but for the most part, we go out, we have an amazing social life. He takes me out of the house. Because he can. When we have children, I don't want this to change. I want to keep our dating life full as it is now. There's nothing like throwing on a dress i'm too insecure to wear, only to have my husband tell me over and over how beautiful I look. What girl doesn't want to hear those compliments, especially when you believe he is being sincere. It really helps my confidence.

After reading through the book of Ecclesiastes, you see, there is little point to many things in life. The man that works his whole life and amasses money and things... the poor slave that works hard but has very little to his name. In the end, the same fate awaits them both, and they both leave behind everything. For the often undeserving to receive.

Life is so short, like a flash of light, and then it is gone. To a child, an hour is a long amount of time, a day seems like forever, and waiting a year feels like eternity. But to an adult, an hour is nothing, a day is so short, and a year passes before we realize it. The reason - in proportion to our life already passed, a day really is no time at all, neither is a year. But to a child who has seen so few days, each minute is so precious to them.  I think striving to be like a child should apply to us in so many ways. Appreciation for moments in the here and now.

So I wonder, why do we find ourselves going back to the same webpages over and over, looking for different results? Are the answers to life hidden somewhere beneath the words and images and links and posts? Are we going back to the same page over and over looking for different results?  Isn't that how the genius Albert Einstein defined INSANITY? Repeating the same actions expecting different results?  So, in our webbrowsing and searching and reading and networking.... What exactly are we looking for, And are we missing out on living in the moment by getting caught up in the pointless and irrelevant distractions? So what if you planted a new garden in Farmville and found some super tropical fish .... go outside already. plant a real garden, grow real crops,  get a real hobby. There's gotta be more to life than a virtual world... I'm not saying that your cute little games aren't ok in moderation, but I see a lot more than moderate game playing.... I see a lot more than moderate web browsing. I see a lot more than an occasional glimpse at a webpage that hasn't changed in over 2 weeks.... So. What is it you are looking for? Maybe its time to write a long overdue letter, maybe its time to move on, maybe its time to get a real life... If nothing changes, then nothing changes, so.. tell me, did you find it yet?

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