18 May 2010

a recap of 2 weeks passing

Here are some pictures from my trip to Bahrain. Let me try to narrate the trip from start to finish. I arrived in Dubai on the 6th of May around 730PM. Rick arrived about 30 minutes later. Once he arrived I took a shower in the Business Class Lounge. It was quite nice and refreshing, especially after 13 hours of flying. So i was able to have a shower and change my clothes. Of course I had my "go-to" dress - which is what i wear when i get off of any long flight, so I threw that on and i was set. So Rick and I had about 6-7 hours to hang out in the airport before our flight to Bahrain. It was nice to see him again after almost 6 long weeks which really felt like months.

Finally, we arrive in Bahrain, we sleep. We wake up, and Rick has to work. He had a new client and a pending deadline.... Lousy timing for my trip, but we didn't let it stop us. So I slept all day Friday and Rick worked. I then went with him to his office and we hung out there until nearly 4am.

Saturday we decided to get out of town (so to speak) and we went to Al Dar island. We took a ferry there and rented a bed - and by bed i mean it was a mattress on a platform with a canopy over it. The breeze was perfect and in the shade it really is nice outside. We stayed there almost all day. About 5 minutes after we caught the ferry back to the car, the wind picked up, the sky darkened, and it RAINED!!! granted it was tiny minuscule drops of rain, but to the middle east it was quite heavy. The crazy part was the wind. It was GUSTING so hard and the sand was blowing everywhere, the sky turned hazy and it was actually a storm of sorts. I think billboards were knocked over along the high way. So we were quite fortunate to leave when we did.

Saturday evening we went to see Ricks friend Darren in a play. I guess his other friend was the producer. It was a play about Peter and Andrew (brothers and disciples of Jesus). It was probably the worst play i ever saw, maybe i shouldn't put that in writing, but it was pretty bad. The music was good though. The acting was good on some parts, and the people were nice, but good heavens, I think it was the long pauses between lines that made me think it was so bad. Apparently it was supposed to be like that, some sort of Bollywood style (to me bollywood means suddenly everyone starts dancing around, similar to that of An American in Paris), but whatever. I guess saying it was the worst ever is a bit extreme, but presently i cannot recall one i disliked as much. Rick and I were unfortunately sandwiched in on a pew (it was in a church), so we could not escape. At least we got to say hello to Darren. Then we ate at an Iraqi restaurant (i like iraqi food and so does rick), then icecream then home.

I'm being a bit detailed here aren't i????

Sunday rick went to work and I slept in again. Jet Lag doesn't work without adrenaline. He came home after lunchtime and picked me up, took me to eat and then back to the office. We went out to eat with Tanya and her husband and his parents that night. It was a nice dinner, and I really like Tanya and Raimond. She grew up in England and he in Holland. I think Tanya and I are going to be great friends when i move out there. Monday I stayed home until after lunch, but this time i worked from bed. We had small group and I got to meet Ricks friend Baraq and his wife. I liked them a lot too. Tuesday i stayed home and worked for about 7 hours then we went to the water park at the mall. It was 1/3 outdoor and 2/3 indoor. It was a pretty lame waterpark compared to some we've been to, but we laughed about how measly it was and then had an awesome time. we played for 5 hours, left to get dinner, and then came back and played for another 2 hours. Rick and I have sooooo much fun together. He really is my best friend. He gets me. I'm not weird or strange to him. He accepts me. Period. No matter what. I think that I can say or do anything and he will just love me for it. (clearly I am not to take advantage of that) There was this one thing called the Fish Pipe. It was pretty cool. It basically spins around and you skid along on your stomach (or back or try to stand or whatever) i had an awesome time spinning around inside of it going in all sorts of directions. Rick went first and then made me do it.

Tuesday I was wiped out. Being in a water park all day is taxing on the body. It didn't close till 10pm and we nearly stayed the whole time. Wednesday I slept in. I was wiped out. Rick then picked me up and took me to work with him at lunchtime. We went to the mall after work and had dinner and I bought my fabulous sunglasses b/c i love accessories.

Thursday is Friday in the Middle East meaning last work day. I woke up and went to work with rick. We came home and we went out with his friends. It was a great time. I wore the dress above minus my blue shades. I swear i don't mean to make this face when i take a pic. Its my i'm trying not to smile face but apparently i purse my lips. when they're that big, you really can't do much to prevent it. :)

Friday we slept in - oh wait i lied. Rick went to work at 745 (even though its the weekend there) and i went to church. I then went and got a Moroccan bath and then a massage to follow and then Rick picked me up and we had a super late lunch. This was our last night in Bahrain, so we stayed in a hotel (per tradition). so we hung out at the hotel and beach all day Saturday and went kayaking in the gulf. I'm way faster than Rick and he'll try to say he is faster than me, but thats only b/c i was letting him catch me (haha i'm soo kidding rick is amazingly swift in the water)

Finally, we head to the airport, we go to Dubai for Saturday night, we venture out for a bit, then we head back to the airport, we say goodbye a few hours later, and i depart. 13 hours later, i rush to get off the plane, through customs (thank goodness for not checking my luggage), onto the Air Train, to the next terminal, print my boarding pass, back through security, to the restroom, bottle of water, onto the plane (despite signage stating Gate Closed ) into my seat, in the air, to the parking deck, to my house, water the plants, to the soccer game, no subs so 90 minutes of playing in the heat, sunburn, slushie, pick up dogs, dinner, shower sleep. Work the next day....

And that my friends, has been a recap of the past 2 weeks of my life... thanks for coming out.
Sigh... isn't Rick  incredible handsome??? I sure think so.

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  1. excellent narrative particularly the jet lag part ., I felt like I was on vacation with you. You write like we were in our living room talking. Very good

    Hayward Dad here