02 May 2010

Ramblings and such

Have you ever noticed how you always crave things you can't have.  for example, I think the only time i REALLY am in the mood for Chick-fil-A - its Sunday. It goes like this:  I could really go for some Chick-Fil-ahhhhh crap. its sunday. I never really crave it during any other day of the week.

I love it when people ask me how married life is. I'm like, pretty much the same as my life was before. I'm alone, though I suppose now i feel the distance whereas before i was just alone and I love solitude. I think that is why i love surfing. Its totally you and the ocean. There really is a lot more to surfing apart from standing on a board and catching a wave... but i'm not going to go all one with nature on you right now... i'll save that for later.

My surfboard totally will fit in the ScismXB..... Too bad its too cold out right now, but won't be long, til me and the ladies are going to go camp on the beach and catch some waves in the Atlantic.  They don't get big until the hurricanes hit, but trust me, it is going to be a RECORD summer as far as hurricanes are concerned. It was so cold this winter, and we've already have some pretty hot days for the spring... These things and more are often indicative of quite an active hurricane season.... Just wait. If i'm wrong, then oh well, but if i'm right, and i'm pretty sure i am.... its going to be a bumpy ride....

This weekend was ok. I got a lot of yard work done and swept off my steep roof.  Rick hates when i tell him i'm getting on the roof. He worries about me. I've been doing it for 4 years and i have a pretty good "fall plan" meaning if i fall, i know what i'll do. Hopefully it never comes to that. I had an asthma attack last night so had trouble breathing when i went to bed. I don't have normal asthma, and wasn't given an inhaler until my mid 20's. Its more seasonal than anything. After mowing the lawn and blowing the pine turds off the roof and driveway and deck, i guess it was more than my system could take. So i was up late trying to regulate everything. I'm totally fine. I located my inhaler which is key to any breathing issue.  i also turned the a/c on, which helps. cooler air in these situations helps.  I could really feel it today when i was playing soccer. I could tell my chest was a little tight, but i survived. we had no subs and it was 90 degrees. I had no other option but to survive. After all, i've gotten this far. But i am wiped out now. The pool felt super good after the game, and now back to school work for me.

progress on the PhD is going so-so... Rick keeps asking me if i'm stalling b/c i don't want to move out there. no, that's not true, BUT, i've been working on this paper for quite some time. Its not like i can just suddenly and magically finish it. would be nice but not the way it works. I am however, hesitant about leaving my house/dogs/ job behind. Especially the dogs. They are like children to me, so it doesn't really seem like an option to give them away. We are still discussing our options and have not completely ruled out anything, meaning rick could move here, i could move there, or we could both move somewhere else. We just plan to do whatever we feel God is calling us to do. For now, i have a paper to write and a bed to occupy.

Where on earth did the weekend go?

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