25 May 2010

Radio kills music...

Radio kills music There is so much truth in this statement. How many times have you turned the radio on and heard the same set of songs OVER and OVER and OVER  again. I remember being a kid and going to the pool. I was a pool rat from an early age, probably about 3. The reason I know this is because there were 2 songs that would bring my head above water – Borderline by Madonna and For the Longest Time by Billy Joel. Both released in Feb of 1984, meaning they were at the height of popularity that summer. So I was nearly 4 but not yet, and I was quite the fish. I would swim and swim under water, probably because I could. And any time these songs came on, I would stop swimming long enough to listen. And the reason i remember this so well is because radio made it possible for me to hear these songs over and over. But that was when i was only 3, and much has changed since those times.

The reason Radio kills music is because it plays the same song over and over. You might like a song but when you hear it over and over you find yourself despising it. When I was a lifeguard, I would spend 12 hours at the pool any given day, and you could predict what song would be played next. Its like the DJ had a set and that was it. It was good back in the day of Cassette Tapes. How many of us sat by our BoomBoxes with a blank tape waiting for that one song to come on so we could hit record and capture it forever. Man, it feels like forever ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I got my first CD player in middle school. But the Boom Box, it was awesome. Mine was black, dual tapedeck (so you can record another tape) My first Cassette tape was Lionel Richie – Dancing on the Ceiling. Those were the days. I used to lie on my back and look at the ceiling and imagine walking on the ceiling. The toughest part was having to step over the doorways since it was raised (from my vantage point)…

Now when I drive around, i hardly have the radio on. Its no wonder i haven't heard of a lot of the newer music aside from what iTunes leads me to, or I pick up off of a friend . I like to find my own music. People ask me what I like to listen to and I race through my head trying to think of a familiar band that they may or may not have heard of -
I just found myself googling this Justin kid to solidify my point, on the plus side, he has some good rap/hiphop artists helping add a man element to his music - so I decided he was okay. Just ok.  Honestly, from what I read and hear, kids are all swooning over this boy, and if I was a little girl I might too, but the boy sounds like a girl,  hes only 16, I’m sure puberty will happen for him eventually. And who at that age knows about love, my best friend Kristin and myself are the only people I know whose parents are still married AND were high school sweethearts. Seriously. Major Stuff. Rarely do 15 year olds know anything about love. I thought I did. I’m 29 now and I think I’m finally figuring it out. BUT I still stand by my comment, Radio kills Music. There’s always an exception to the rule. But I’m sure if I listened to the radio, I would hear that Baby song again and quickly turn the station. Its already stuck in my head from half a YouTube video. Baby baby baby oh yeah. Gag. I never listened to Brittany Spears or Backstreet Boys, or N’synch or any of that.. It just wasn’t my thing. Only a year ago did I discover that Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus were one and the same…(only b/c I had never seen the show/her  up to that point). Ridiculous right? I don’t think so. I’m not sheltered in the least bit, I just don’t waste my time. Its funny, my sister is into mainstream music, but it goes with the territory of being Lori. She’s (major University) Valedicatorian turned full time mom and Aerobics Instructor. Gotta have hip tunes for the Classes after all. I would love to follow in those shoes!

So the reason I even brought this up was because I came across something today - What is this Twilight stuff??

I bet I know some people that could explain it to me, all under the age of 18. There was a movie to the same effect on the flight, but I ignored it. I don’t get into some of these things.  The reason I stumbled over Twilight Saga in the first place was because I was looking at music on iTunes by Bon Iver, a band I really like, and it listed a new song. Well I knew that there hadn’t been a new album out, so I was curious to see if I missed something. Apparently he did a song for the soundtrack, so I googled this Twilight madness.

Anyone on planet Earth living in the USA has heard of twilight, unless you’re living in the sticks or like me, and just under a rock. You see it in passing all the time. You walk by a kid with a t-shirt or something. It’s all over Wal-Mart and Target and places like that. Billboards advertising the next in the series…  I’m sure if I watched twilight series I would probably enjoy it and eat my words. So instead, I will abstain. You can’t change your mind if you don’t try it… wait, I think I’m contradicting myself here.

Disliking something you know nothing about (check)

Refusing to try new things                           (check)

Oh well. I can’t be perfect all of the time. i'll ask my friend hanna and see what she has to say. She's only 14... (not Montana – I hear she has since killed herself ) So much for making up my own mind and fighting the system.


  1. haha the twilight books are actually pretty good! Good by the pool reads where you don't have to think too much. Just entertaining... I prefer Stephen King, Dean Koontz, & John Saul tho. The twilight movies are alright, prob not worth ALL this hype.

  2. Movies hardly ever live up to the book. Bridges of Madison County, A Time to Kill, Needful Things... Those are all i can think of right now. good examples of Epic Fail imho.
    maybe i'll borrow the books some time. Right after i finish writing a paper ;)