04 May 2010

The Eve of departure

5 1/2 weeks is long enough...

i've had it. it is so much harder to have a relationship overseas than i thought it would be. And the pressure that is upon me to finish my paper has me paralyzed to the point that i'm incapable of doing any work right now. Anytime I don't work on it, I feel as though i'm letting Rick down. I'm letting myself down too, but i'm okay with that. It is so hard to work all day, come home, walk my dogs, and then attempt to get into a working routine. Before I flew out to Bahrain the first time, it was cold outside and I would come home from work, sit at this very table, and write. But now... I don't know what it is, but i just have no energy left.  I'm zapped. Ok, so today is a bad example because i went to bed around 3am and woke up around 6/630am, and stayed in bed until 8, but i sure am feeling it.

Just got back from taking the dogs on one last walk, they're wiped out. Last week I took them to the tennis court. Ellie can clear the net. I basically take a tennis ball and hold it up to the net, eventually she'll quit running around back and forth and just jump. She hangs mid air too. I really need to get it on video. The other thing she does is runs back and forth along the fence chasing after the ball being played on a nearby court. It is so funny to watch her focus and determination as she watches the ball go back and forth and runs along with it. She is quite serious about balls.

Marley on the other hand just likes to run around and sniff stuff. She pees about 20 times on any given walk. Its funny b/c i doubt she has anything left in her, but she tries. I guess she is the territorial one. 

Tonight I have to finish packing, which will take no time at all, write my progress report for the Director of Graduate Program for my department, and head out to trivia. Its a lot easier to pack now. I don't have to worry about leaving any impressions, I already won. Plus I'm not really sure how much time we'll spend outside of the house... Its super hot outside right now. BUT - i do look forward to kayaking in the Gulf with Rick (i'm bringing a rope so he can tow me behind him), and just coast to a little island he named after me. Also I think I might bring a snorkel mask.

So here we are, on the eve of departure. Tomorrow is going to be a long anticipatory day, but the reward in the end will be well worth it. See you in Dubai Rick!  Its not every day I get to say that!

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  1. Safe travels Jen. Again you and I are approx in the same part of the world at the same time. I leave the UK (ash clouds permitting) Sunday night and fly south to Zambia. I will wave out the left side of the plane at approx the right time. Be alert and looking! (Somehow I doubt that)