28 May 2010

All about the W

Yay! i'm leaving for San Diego in three weeks AND i just found out i get to fly the RedEye home in FIRST CLASS! That is super awesome!!!!!!! I am thrilled, it's a 5 hour flight from LA to RDU, and how better to do it than in the comfort of first class. Shortly after I return from San Diego, Rick will be in the states. JULY 1st to be exact!!! I think we are going to make some big plans when he gets here. There is plenty brewing for sure. and i'm really looking forward to flying out to San Francisco to visit with his family a few weeks later.

His mom and dad are the sweetest people and they are so happy that Rick found someone to love him the way he needs to be loved. Rick really is the kindest person I know. He's way too giving of himself and overly trusting. I cant imagine why anyone would take advantage of his generosity or naivety.  Lucky for Rick he has me in his life to help. I'm a pistol they like to say. Sharp as a tack. And although I will walk away from a physical altercation (I've ONLY fought and won two fights - both were boys,  - one is now a youth pastor/ missionary the other is a black belt in Karate). I did this all before my teenage years. Sorry Allen and Benny. but having said that,  I WILL use my mind, my wits, and my fighter spirit to give you a run for your money. I'm reminded of a t-shirt I designed in one of my Design classes in college; it was titled "Hard fought from the start" - in description i'll just say, each one of us began this life as a fighter. We had to fight to begin our life. WE had to fight to enter our life. It was a race, only the strong survived. Most of the time, only one ever survives this race to enter into life.

Now, having said this, i'm not that woman that has to fight against everything you say. I'm not the woman who has to have someone to hate, or something to argue all the time - BUT, when i know i'm right, and i know you're in the wrong, or just plain wrong, most of the time i'll let you know. Unless its one of those times where I know you're wrong, and I can effortlessly arugue you into the ground, but i'd rather sit back and smile my huge million dollar smile and let you be wrong. Because aruging would bring me down to a level beneath me. And i'm not saying i'm better than you, but i'm smart, and i like smiling on the inside, knowing how wrong you really are. Sometimes it's just fun to let people be wrong. Truth really can be a mighty mighty sword. But sometimes its fun to watch people living in glass houses throw rocks. These people bring themselves down anyways, and it can be really fun to watch someone sink their own ship. Watch them grasp at anything they can to try to bring them back out of the water. Watch them flail as they stoop lower and lower. A sinking ship is quite a sight to see. Must more fun than watching paint dry.

I'm pretty excited about a lot of things right now. I am in a Win/Win situation with several things in my life, and I just couldn't be happier. Its like i'm playing tic-tac-toe and I have two ways to win, and you can only choose one path, but if you choose one way, I will beat you with the other, or If you choose the other path, you will also lose. Either way, you lose. I have lost very little over the course of my life. I'm not a good loser and i'm not used to losing. When i lose, i still smile and have a good time.  I don't quit and I don't like to lose, so i will do all that i can in my power to make sure that I will win. And right now, no matter what happens, I am a big winner. Because I have it set up that no matter what path is pursued, I will win. I either win because i win, or i win because you lose. Either way. Bottom Line: I WIN. Isn't winning fun?

25 May 2010

Radio kills music...

Radio kills music There is so much truth in this statement. How many times have you turned the radio on and heard the same set of songs OVER and OVER and OVER  again. I remember being a kid and going to the pool. I was a pool rat from an early age, probably about 3. The reason I know this is because there were 2 songs that would bring my head above water – Borderline by Madonna and For the Longest Time by Billy Joel. Both released in Feb of 1984, meaning they were at the height of popularity that summer. So I was nearly 4 but not yet, and I was quite the fish. I would swim and swim under water, probably because I could. And any time these songs came on, I would stop swimming long enough to listen. And the reason i remember this so well is because radio made it possible for me to hear these songs over and over. But that was when i was only 3, and much has changed since those times.

The reason Radio kills music is because it plays the same song over and over. You might like a song but when you hear it over and over you find yourself despising it. When I was a lifeguard, I would spend 12 hours at the pool any given day, and you could predict what song would be played next. Its like the DJ had a set and that was it. It was good back in the day of Cassette Tapes. How many of us sat by our BoomBoxes with a blank tape waiting for that one song to come on so we could hit record and capture it forever. Man, it feels like forever ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I got my first CD player in middle school. But the Boom Box, it was awesome. Mine was black, dual tapedeck (so you can record another tape) My first Cassette tape was Lionel Richie – Dancing on the Ceiling. Those were the days. I used to lie on my back and look at the ceiling and imagine walking on the ceiling. The toughest part was having to step over the doorways since it was raised (from my vantage point)…

Now when I drive around, i hardly have the radio on. Its no wonder i haven't heard of a lot of the newer music aside from what iTunes leads me to, or I pick up off of a friend . I like to find my own music. People ask me what I like to listen to and I race through my head trying to think of a familiar band that they may or may not have heard of -
I just found myself googling this Justin kid to solidify my point, on the plus side, he has some good rap/hiphop artists helping add a man element to his music - so I decided he was okay. Just ok.  Honestly, from what I read and hear, kids are all swooning over this boy, and if I was a little girl I might too, but the boy sounds like a girl,  hes only 16, I’m sure puberty will happen for him eventually. And who at that age knows about love, my best friend Kristin and myself are the only people I know whose parents are still married AND were high school sweethearts. Seriously. Major Stuff. Rarely do 15 year olds know anything about love. I thought I did. I’m 29 now and I think I’m finally figuring it out. BUT I still stand by my comment, Radio kills Music. There’s always an exception to the rule. But I’m sure if I listened to the radio, I would hear that Baby song again and quickly turn the station. Its already stuck in my head from half a YouTube video. Baby baby baby oh yeah. Gag. I never listened to Brittany Spears or Backstreet Boys, or N’synch or any of that.. It just wasn’t my thing. Only a year ago did I discover that Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus were one and the same…(only b/c I had never seen the show/her  up to that point). Ridiculous right? I don’t think so. I’m not sheltered in the least bit, I just don’t waste my time. Its funny, my sister is into mainstream music, but it goes with the territory of being Lori. She’s (major University) Valedicatorian turned full time mom and Aerobics Instructor. Gotta have hip tunes for the Classes after all. I would love to follow in those shoes!

So the reason I even brought this up was because I came across something today - What is this Twilight stuff??

I bet I know some people that could explain it to me, all under the age of 18. There was a movie to the same effect on the flight, but I ignored it. I don’t get into some of these things.  The reason I stumbled over Twilight Saga in the first place was because I was looking at music on iTunes by Bon Iver, a band I really like, and it listed a new song. Well I knew that there hadn’t been a new album out, so I was curious to see if I missed something. Apparently he did a song for the soundtrack, so I googled this Twilight madness.

Anyone on planet Earth living in the USA has heard of twilight, unless you’re living in the sticks or like me, and just under a rock. You see it in passing all the time. You walk by a kid with a t-shirt or something. It’s all over Wal-Mart and Target and places like that. Billboards advertising the next in the series…  I’m sure if I watched twilight series I would probably enjoy it and eat my words. So instead, I will abstain. You can’t change your mind if you don’t try it… wait, I think I’m contradicting myself here.

Disliking something you know nothing about (check)

Refusing to try new things                           (check)

Oh well. I can’t be perfect all of the time. i'll ask my friend hanna and see what she has to say. She's only 14... (not Montana – I hear she has since killed herself ) So much for making up my own mind and fighting the system.

24 May 2010


I must admit, i have had quite a life so far, and I am certain that my experiences have only just begun. I'd like to see the world. Most of it. Like not Antarctica probably. Its too cold .

I was 17 years old the first time I flew in an airplane, and it was only because I was being recruited to play soccer at a school in Florida. That was February of 1998. My next flight was to Maine on my 18th birthday that same year.  Most of my friends had been all over the US or further by then. I had definitely traveled. Lots of family time in the minivan, but we never flew. I always told myself that when i was older, I would fly everywhere. And i do. But I can totally see why we drove everywhere. It would have been pretty expensive to fly all five of us around. My third flight was to Oklahoma for a big soccer tournament in 1999. Two more flights in 2001. Two more in 2002. Another in 2003. And that's where I lost count. I think its funny I used to count each flight. People take flying for granted.  That's when i started flying to South Florida and Houston Texas all the time so thats when i lost count.  

Anyways, i love traveling for the most part. Flying used to be fun, and mostly it is, especially from First Class which i rarely get to do, but long flights and layovers get old after a while. I fly direct as often as i can. The novelty wore off some time in 2005. But traveling overall is great. I love going to a new city and walking around, discovering the public transportation, or not. Some cities don't really have public transport. 

I think the best experience I have had is the solo trip I took to Paris. Last September I flew to London then Amsterdam and spent a week with an old college friend goofing around. Then i caught a train by myself and rode first class to Paris! I had to navigate the city and the Metro alone and it was the most liberating feeling in the world. If you can read a map, if you can navigate the US highway systems, then you can totally navigate paris. Then again, i navigated Costa Rica in a rental car with a few internet printout and even fewer street signs. CR reminds me of Bahrain as far as roads are concerned. Who needs a sign we have landmarks. In CR churches are the primary landmark. In bahrain, its the roundabouts, mosques and fastfood chains :)..
But really, if you can read this map, you can get around.  It helped that i spent a few weeks studying the map and relation of landmarks to the trainstops. But some things I had to find myself. Rather than taking the metro to Notre Dame, i decided I would head out on foot and see what there was to see. I went up a big hill and weaved in and out of narrow streets where it was clear that the locals shopped (read: no souvenirs littering the bakeries and produce stands) And somehow happened upon the Seine River. Then West to the Cathedral. And along the Seine to the Louvre.  I didn't dare venture inside. I think it would take me months to complete the museum to my liking. Having studied art in college to the extent that I minored in it, I definitely appreciate fine art, and the history over the centuries. Art History is my favorite kind of history.

While in Paris, I was also sent on a mission to pick up a few products so I had to learn French and speak to the locals in order to locate the stores that held these exclusive French items. I even had a few people speak to me in French because they apparently thought i was French. Totally cool. I already knew Spanish, so French wasn't too hard to learn and i've been working on it ever since. I have these French Conversations CD's that i listen to when i drive some times. 

Being alone in a romantic city. You would think it would be depressing , but it wasn't. It was amazing. I made friends, had a personal tour guide for a part of the trip (local self volunteer), but preferred to do the rest of it solo. I think it helped that I was a young woman alone in the city.. it made me more approachable i think.The city was so enchanting, with its hilly streets, and tight alleys and little side shops and old cathedrals and churches and bakeries and bistros. The food I ate was amazing, the people were so friendly despite the stigma that French people are rude or hate Americans - its totally not true. I climbed to the top of the Eiffel tower in record time. I shopped. Oh how i love to shop!! And I ate, some really great food. Fell in love with confit de canard (duck). I rode the metro. I fell absolutely in love with the city, and  I can't wait to go back again. Hopefully for a romantic rendezvous for my birthday in August!

My trip to Paris was amazing. I had less than 3 days. But it left such a strong impression on me. And it taught me so much about myself. I learned that I could not only go somewhere alone, but to a foreign city where i didn't know the language or the layout. But i studied maps before i went, i talked to my French friends, and I found out which areas to avoid after dark and where would be the safest area to stay. I became a fan of Hostels on my European vacation. You know, nothing beats a luxury hotel with Egyptian Cotton Sheets and Luxe Bath Towels, but the price tag on staying in a hostel is worth the sacrifice. That money is much better spent shopping and eating! Two of life's greatest pleasures when done in moderation. I really can't wait to go back. I think i'll start planning my trip now... Au Revoir!

21 May 2010

Fish Pipe

i made a video of Rick in the Fish Pipe Ride at the Wahoo Water Park in Bahrain.
Of course i added a little extra too but can you blame me.

18 May 2010

a recap of 2 weeks passing

Here are some pictures from my trip to Bahrain. Let me try to narrate the trip from start to finish. I arrived in Dubai on the 6th of May around 730PM. Rick arrived about 30 minutes later. Once he arrived I took a shower in the Business Class Lounge. It was quite nice and refreshing, especially after 13 hours of flying. So i was able to have a shower and change my clothes. Of course I had my "go-to" dress - which is what i wear when i get off of any long flight, so I threw that on and i was set. So Rick and I had about 6-7 hours to hang out in the airport before our flight to Bahrain. It was nice to see him again after almost 6 long weeks which really felt like months.

Finally, we arrive in Bahrain, we sleep. We wake up, and Rick has to work. He had a new client and a pending deadline.... Lousy timing for my trip, but we didn't let it stop us. So I slept all day Friday and Rick worked. I then went with him to his office and we hung out there until nearly 4am.

Saturday we decided to get out of town (so to speak) and we went to Al Dar island. We took a ferry there and rented a bed - and by bed i mean it was a mattress on a platform with a canopy over it. The breeze was perfect and in the shade it really is nice outside. We stayed there almost all day. About 5 minutes after we caught the ferry back to the car, the wind picked up, the sky darkened, and it RAINED!!! granted it was tiny minuscule drops of rain, but to the middle east it was quite heavy. The crazy part was the wind. It was GUSTING so hard and the sand was blowing everywhere, the sky turned hazy and it was actually a storm of sorts. I think billboards were knocked over along the high way. So we were quite fortunate to leave when we did.

Saturday evening we went to see Ricks friend Darren in a play. I guess his other friend was the producer. It was a play about Peter and Andrew (brothers and disciples of Jesus). It was probably the worst play i ever saw, maybe i shouldn't put that in writing, but it was pretty bad. The music was good though. The acting was good on some parts, and the people were nice, but good heavens, I think it was the long pauses between lines that made me think it was so bad. Apparently it was supposed to be like that, some sort of Bollywood style (to me bollywood means suddenly everyone starts dancing around, similar to that of An American in Paris), but whatever. I guess saying it was the worst ever is a bit extreme, but presently i cannot recall one i disliked as much. Rick and I were unfortunately sandwiched in on a pew (it was in a church), so we could not escape. At least we got to say hello to Darren. Then we ate at an Iraqi restaurant (i like iraqi food and so does rick), then icecream then home.

I'm being a bit detailed here aren't i????

Sunday rick went to work and I slept in again. Jet Lag doesn't work without adrenaline. He came home after lunchtime and picked me up, took me to eat and then back to the office. We went out to eat with Tanya and her husband and his parents that night. It was a nice dinner, and I really like Tanya and Raimond. She grew up in England and he in Holland. I think Tanya and I are going to be great friends when i move out there. Monday I stayed home until after lunch, but this time i worked from bed. We had small group and I got to meet Ricks friend Baraq and his wife. I liked them a lot too. Tuesday i stayed home and worked for about 7 hours then we went to the water park at the mall. It was 1/3 outdoor and 2/3 indoor. It was a pretty lame waterpark compared to some we've been to, but we laughed about how measly it was and then had an awesome time. we played for 5 hours, left to get dinner, and then came back and played for another 2 hours. Rick and I have sooooo much fun together. He really is my best friend. He gets me. I'm not weird or strange to him. He accepts me. Period. No matter what. I think that I can say or do anything and he will just love me for it. (clearly I am not to take advantage of that) There was this one thing called the Fish Pipe. It was pretty cool. It basically spins around and you skid along on your stomach (or back or try to stand or whatever) i had an awesome time spinning around inside of it going in all sorts of directions. Rick went first and then made me do it.

Tuesday I was wiped out. Being in a water park all day is taxing on the body. It didn't close till 10pm and we nearly stayed the whole time. Wednesday I slept in. I was wiped out. Rick then picked me up and took me to work with him at lunchtime. We went to the mall after work and had dinner and I bought my fabulous sunglasses b/c i love accessories.

Thursday is Friday in the Middle East meaning last work day. I woke up and went to work with rick. We came home and we went out with his friends. It was a great time. I wore the dress above minus my blue shades. I swear i don't mean to make this face when i take a pic. Its my i'm trying not to smile face but apparently i purse my lips. when they're that big, you really can't do much to prevent it. :)

Friday we slept in - oh wait i lied. Rick went to work at 745 (even though its the weekend there) and i went to church. I then went and got a Moroccan bath and then a massage to follow and then Rick picked me up and we had a super late lunch. This was our last night in Bahrain, so we stayed in a hotel (per tradition). so we hung out at the hotel and beach all day Saturday and went kayaking in the gulf. I'm way faster than Rick and he'll try to say he is faster than me, but thats only b/c i was letting him catch me (haha i'm soo kidding rick is amazingly swift in the water)

Finally, we head to the airport, we go to Dubai for Saturday night, we venture out for a bit, then we head back to the airport, we say goodbye a few hours later, and i depart. 13 hours later, i rush to get off the plane, through customs (thank goodness for not checking my luggage), onto the Air Train, to the next terminal, print my boarding pass, back through security, to the restroom, bottle of water, onto the plane (despite signage stating Gate Closed ) into my seat, in the air, to the parking deck, to my house, water the plants, to the soccer game, no subs so 90 minutes of playing in the heat, sunburn, slushie, pick up dogs, dinner, shower sleep. Work the next day....

And that my friends, has been a recap of the past 2 weeks of my life... thanks for coming out.
Sigh... isn't Rick  incredible handsome??? I sure think so.

16 May 2010

Home for a month...

My stay to Bahrain was extended by 4 more nights. It happens.
Rick and I will see each other in July... Most likely in San Fransisco.

I am home for a little under 5 weeks, then i'm San Diego bound. Going to visit a friend while out on work related travel for a week, and I might swing up to see the inlaws in N. Cal, but then again, I think i'll be out there a week or so later, unless Houston calls. I have some serious airline miles going on right now. Its pretty great. Rick and I were upgraded to Business class from BAH to DXB... It was really nice and it might as well have been first class. We are so spoiled... Truly blessed. I totally understand the whole airline loyalty now. You fly the same airline enough times, they really hook you up. And Emirates Airlines is really the greatest airline I've flown so far. Super nice attendants, super great facilities, hundreds of movies to watch. I watched Sherlock Holmes, Up in the Air, The Book of Eli, Its Complicated, Finding NEMO, Lovely Bones, and several others.... I also managed to find time to sleep.

I think I am headed to my hometown in 2 weeks, so if you live there and are reading this, email me. My sweet girl is "graduating" from 8th grade. I don't think I can make it in time for the ceremony, but i can totally make it in town for the weekend. I am super excited to go visit her and her family. It has been a long time since I last saw them. I"ll try to make it a full weekend of visiting people, but i'm sure the pooches will be in tow.

I will update on my trip and time with Rick later as well as whatever else i've skipped in the last few days. As for now I have to go play a 90 minute soccer match with zero subs most likely. This ought to be interesting. I am soooo tired i can't see how after 24 hrs of travel i'll make it but i'm sort of required to show up.

10 May 2010

What are you looking for?

Do you ever find yourself going back to the same websites, surfing the same pages, viewing the same things, looking for.....something? anything? what exactly is it? Aimlessly browsing, viewing, scrolling, clicking, searching the pages of your friends, favorite stores, vacation destinations.... What ARE you looking for?

The vortex of Facebook sucks you into the blackhole that it is. News Feeds from 500 (or more) of your closest friends, then come the Zynga Applications, pokes, and aquariums, ihearts, football matches, sword fights, ninjas and pirates.. the list goes on. Where have my friends and family disappeared? Rather than writing letters, placing phone calls, taking walks outdoors, planting REAL gardens, feeding real pets... many have succumbed to a false world. A world that isn't real. I often wonder what is the point. I think I played one of these games for a few months, and then, realized its futility, and I quit. I have some friends who sit in the living room next to one another after putting their children to bed, each sit on a laptop, an arms reach from one another, and rack up points on these games. And I ask them, why don't you spend the time together, i mean, really together. The moments that Rick and I appreciate so well- many others too often, take for granted. The quiet minutes. The times we sit together in silence. We've yet to watch television shows together. I think a great habit to begin a relationship. We have watched movies, and a few series downloads while in transit, but for the most part, we go out, we have an amazing social life. He takes me out of the house. Because he can. When we have children, I don't want this to change. I want to keep our dating life full as it is now. There's nothing like throwing on a dress i'm too insecure to wear, only to have my husband tell me over and over how beautiful I look. What girl doesn't want to hear those compliments, especially when you believe he is being sincere. It really helps my confidence.

After reading through the book of Ecclesiastes, you see, there is little point to many things in life. The man that works his whole life and amasses money and things... the poor slave that works hard but has very little to his name. In the end, the same fate awaits them both, and they both leave behind everything. For the often undeserving to receive.

Life is so short, like a flash of light, and then it is gone. To a child, an hour is a long amount of time, a day seems like forever, and waiting a year feels like eternity. But to an adult, an hour is nothing, a day is so short, and a year passes before we realize it. The reason - in proportion to our life already passed, a day really is no time at all, neither is a year. But to a child who has seen so few days, each minute is so precious to them.  I think striving to be like a child should apply to us in so many ways. Appreciation for moments in the here and now.

So I wonder, why do we find ourselves going back to the same webpages over and over, looking for different results? Are the answers to life hidden somewhere beneath the words and images and links and posts? Are we going back to the same page over and over looking for different results?  Isn't that how the genius Albert Einstein defined INSANITY? Repeating the same actions expecting different results?  So, in our webbrowsing and searching and reading and networking.... What exactly are we looking for, And are we missing out on living in the moment by getting caught up in the pointless and irrelevant distractions? So what if you planted a new garden in Farmville and found some super tropical fish .... go outside already. plant a real garden, grow real crops,  get a real hobby. There's gotta be more to life than a virtual world... I'm not saying that your cute little games aren't ok in moderation, but I see a lot more than moderate game playing.... I see a lot more than moderate web browsing. I see a lot more than an occasional glimpse at a webpage that hasn't changed in over 2 weeks.... So. What is it you are looking for? Maybe its time to write a long overdue letter, maybe its time to move on, maybe its time to get a real life... If nothing changes, then nothing changes, so.. tell me, did you find it yet?

07 May 2010

Never enough time

I'm in Bahrain with Rick. There's never enough time. Last time I came out here we got engaged, and then he quickly flew to the USA to be with me and we decided rather than a long and torturous engagement, we would go ahead and get married. I am happy that we did. The last 6 weeks have been quite hard on us, and now i'm here. I really don't know how I am going to be able to go home this time...  Either that, or i'm bringing Rick back with me. He's just too cute to not have around on a daily basis.

That's all for now. Just wanted to say i'm safely here. The man i married sure is pretty great.

04 May 2010

The Eve of departure

5 1/2 weeks is long enough...

i've had it. it is so much harder to have a relationship overseas than i thought it would be. And the pressure that is upon me to finish my paper has me paralyzed to the point that i'm incapable of doing any work right now. Anytime I don't work on it, I feel as though i'm letting Rick down. I'm letting myself down too, but i'm okay with that. It is so hard to work all day, come home, walk my dogs, and then attempt to get into a working routine. Before I flew out to Bahrain the first time, it was cold outside and I would come home from work, sit at this very table, and write. But now... I don't know what it is, but i just have no energy left.  I'm zapped. Ok, so today is a bad example because i went to bed around 3am and woke up around 6/630am, and stayed in bed until 8, but i sure am feeling it.

Just got back from taking the dogs on one last walk, they're wiped out. Last week I took them to the tennis court. Ellie can clear the net. I basically take a tennis ball and hold it up to the net, eventually she'll quit running around back and forth and just jump. She hangs mid air too. I really need to get it on video. The other thing she does is runs back and forth along the fence chasing after the ball being played on a nearby court. It is so funny to watch her focus and determination as she watches the ball go back and forth and runs along with it. She is quite serious about balls.

Marley on the other hand just likes to run around and sniff stuff. She pees about 20 times on any given walk. Its funny b/c i doubt she has anything left in her, but she tries. I guess she is the territorial one. 

Tonight I have to finish packing, which will take no time at all, write my progress report for the Director of Graduate Program for my department, and head out to trivia. Its a lot easier to pack now. I don't have to worry about leaving any impressions, I already won. Plus I'm not really sure how much time we'll spend outside of the house... Its super hot outside right now. BUT - i do look forward to kayaking in the Gulf with Rick (i'm bringing a rope so he can tow me behind him), and just coast to a little island he named after me. Also I think I might bring a snorkel mask.

So here we are, on the eve of departure. Tomorrow is going to be a long anticipatory day, but the reward in the end will be well worth it. See you in Dubai Rick!  Its not every day I get to say that!

02 May 2010

Ramblings and such

Have you ever noticed how you always crave things you can't have.  for example, I think the only time i REALLY am in the mood for Chick-fil-A - its Sunday. It goes like this:  I could really go for some Chick-Fil-ahhhhh crap. its sunday. I never really crave it during any other day of the week.

I love it when people ask me how married life is. I'm like, pretty much the same as my life was before. I'm alone, though I suppose now i feel the distance whereas before i was just alone and I love solitude. I think that is why i love surfing. Its totally you and the ocean. There really is a lot more to surfing apart from standing on a board and catching a wave... but i'm not going to go all one with nature on you right now... i'll save that for later.

My surfboard totally will fit in the ScismXB..... Too bad its too cold out right now, but won't be long, til me and the ladies are going to go camp on the beach and catch some waves in the Atlantic.  They don't get big until the hurricanes hit, but trust me, it is going to be a RECORD summer as far as hurricanes are concerned. It was so cold this winter, and we've already have some pretty hot days for the spring... These things and more are often indicative of quite an active hurricane season.... Just wait. If i'm wrong, then oh well, but if i'm right, and i'm pretty sure i am.... its going to be a bumpy ride....

This weekend was ok. I got a lot of yard work done and swept off my steep roof.  Rick hates when i tell him i'm getting on the roof. He worries about me. I've been doing it for 4 years and i have a pretty good "fall plan" meaning if i fall, i know what i'll do. Hopefully it never comes to that. I had an asthma attack last night so had trouble breathing when i went to bed. I don't have normal asthma, and wasn't given an inhaler until my mid 20's. Its more seasonal than anything. After mowing the lawn and blowing the pine turds off the roof and driveway and deck, i guess it was more than my system could take. So i was up late trying to regulate everything. I'm totally fine. I located my inhaler which is key to any breathing issue.  i also turned the a/c on, which helps. cooler air in these situations helps.  I could really feel it today when i was playing soccer. I could tell my chest was a little tight, but i survived. we had no subs and it was 90 degrees. I had no other option but to survive. After all, i've gotten this far. But i am wiped out now. The pool felt super good after the game, and now back to school work for me.

progress on the PhD is going so-so... Rick keeps asking me if i'm stalling b/c i don't want to move out there. no, that's not true, BUT, i've been working on this paper for quite some time. Its not like i can just suddenly and magically finish it. would be nice but not the way it works. I am however, hesitant about leaving my house/dogs/ job behind. Especially the dogs. They are like children to me, so it doesn't really seem like an option to give them away. We are still discussing our options and have not completely ruled out anything, meaning rick could move here, i could move there, or we could both move somewhere else. We just plan to do whatever we feel God is calling us to do. For now, i have a paper to write and a bed to occupy.

Where on earth did the weekend go?