01 April 2010


The truth of the matter is... rick and I got married 6 weeks ago and only had the legal ceremony in the US in March.  Because of this, i won't hesistate to inform you that I am now 6 weeks pregnant. But not only that, i am 6 weeks pregnant with TWINS??!?!?!

I know i posted that i wasn't pregnant in my wedding announcement and I apologize for the misleading information, but i honestly didn't think that I was. I really thought that i was stressed out from the travel and the test I took told me i wasn't pregnant so i didnt' really worry much about it.
But then lately, i have been soooo tired, and sooo hungry (even though they are the size of a PEA so i can't possibly be requiring any more calories than normal, but biologically, I think my body is trying to get the nourishment that i need and since the food i eat some times isn't the most nourishing, my body wants more. I have gone through a gallon of milk in the last few days, and finally I called the doctor and said I absolutely HAD to come in... my doctor has his suspicions so he sent me to my OB/GYN to make sure that nothing else was wrong (i had some minor cramping in my side which could have been indicative of a tubal pregnancy ) But rememeber, i had failed my last pregnancy test, so i still thought maybe another ovarian cyst, so an ultrasound was quite normal since i have had these before, i didn't think anything of it when my doctor came in smiling and toting the equipment... And then.... she found them. And not just ONE fetus but TWO??? What a blessing!!! I mean, unexpected, but lets count our blessings no matter what. Because a child is in fact a gift from God.
I now it is conventional to wait 12 weeks to tell everyone, once we are in the "clear" but I cannot wait because we are going to need a lot of support in your prayers right now. Because of the pregnancy, I am going to have to stay in the US for a little longer than anticipated. Possibly another year or more. My health care here is the best you can get anywhere in the world, and the company I work for is ranked as the absolute BEST company in the US to work for (as well as #1 in most of our International Offices) so having said this, I really cannot afford the luxury of moving and leaving my job right now. since I am making such good money, Rick is probably going to have to move to the US and leave his job so that he can be a full time dad and care for the babies once they come along. We still have 34 weeks to go, but as most everyone knows, twins hardly ever make it to complete full term, so we really don't have that much time at all. I anticipate the birth to be some time late October or early november according to what the doctor told me today......

so now this blog has suddenly become a baby watch.... so watch for it

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