16 April 2010

Moving on, one step at a time

i sold the jeep yesterday, so i'm sad to see it go, but happy. Glad to get rid of it and no longer deal with the fuss of showing it and responding to emails. Plus it was a reconstructed title, meaning at one point the Jeep had been salvaged. I recall my concern over that back when i first purchased the jeep, but the ex-husband reassured me it was no big deal. I recall asking about reselling it. We were going to keep it forever. As with anything in life, you don't dwell on the past, you learn, and you move forward. I won't buy a car with a salvaged title again. And i still came out ahead since I was the owner of the jeep. You can't buy a 2006 Scion for the price I received, and still have money leftover, so all in all, it was a good deal.

i also made plans to travel "home" to Bahrain in a few weeks. Rick is all love sick and can't live without me, so I made plans to go visit him again. I'm pretty excited about it too. I wonder how many more times I will go to "visit" before I actually move "home". Hopefully not too many more, considering i'll only have about 3 or 4 days of vacation left after this trip.

Since the day that I met rick in person, this is the longest we've gone without one another. Hopefully i'll be living overseas by the end of August.

The good news is that my dissertation looks to be moving forward. If only i could actually do some work on it i'm writing the next proposal draft and meeting my committee in May, after that, i'll have a little more work to do, and then i'll do my defense. Maybe be the end of July or maybe August.
I'm not sure when I will talk to my boss about "relocating" and attempting to keep my position. I'd like to have PhD in hand when I do so. I feel like it will give me better leverage. Hopefully by the end of May i'll have a better idea about getting the ball rolling.

My sister is talking about having another kid. That excites me because maybe we can have one at the same time. She wants to wait another year and then see how she feels. She has two really sweet boys, but i think deep down she really wants a daughter. I've talked Rick down from 2 years to one (sort of), but I think he is just trying to appease me. He really wants to travel a lot. I think you can travel with a baby. Then again, I think that my biological clock is ticking pretty loudly and i'm just not able to do much about it anymore. I'm nearly 30 and now that i'm married... Of course just because you are trying to conceive, doesn't mean it will happen. The opposite of this is also true... So you just never know. 

i'm leaving to see my family this weekend. my sister and my nephews will be at my parents house.
i'm so excited. i haven't seen Lori since before i got married and she and my mom are my best friends.
Carter is 3! Brady is 18 months. I can't wait to see them. We will play so much. I"m bringing the dogs with me and I know Carter is thrilled. I'm not sure Mocha is excited about it, especially since Marley tends to pick fights with her, but we will see.

So what are the next steps for Rick and myself???
I fear that the next step is deciding what to do with the dogs. Ideally, I'd like to bring them, but sometimes you have to let go in order to move on. The dogs probably wont' like living in an apartment after having free reign  the Moat. I joke that my dogs are land sharks, circling around my house and barking at anyone that attempts to enter my property line. Sadly, i'm not sure how well they will hold up as they travel overseas, especially because they are still so young (4 and 4.5)... I am not going to decide right now though. We have a love/hate relationship as it is, but they have been the only constant in my life since 2005, and we have really been through some rough times together -  from being abused, to grieving loss and enduring the loneliness. I am not sure they can live without me any more than i could them.

I am in the process of purging myself of "things". I have been selling and giving away my possessions like crazy. When you've got the momentum, you have to just stick with it. I have a lot of "stuff" anyways, so its good for me to let go. I've been in this process for a few years, but I have more incentive now. Plus i'm making a little money, all of which is going to the travel fund.

I'm presently looking into renting out my house, but I think i might sell it. It needs a lot of work still (roof, paint, wood rot...), and I'm really not up for putting the money into it. There is a downside to owning a house made out of cedar. I wonder how many Woodpeckers will inhabit my home this year. I haven't gone a spring without one yet.  I meet with a Realtor/property manager next week and we will discuss my options, and determine if it is better for me to make the fixes, or just sell it as is. I have put tens of thousands of dollars into my house already (new deck, appliances, kitchen, floors, garage, HVAC, etc), and I really want to recoup the costs. If i do sell it, i'll take the surplus and either stuff it into a CD, or refinance Ricks' home in Texas. He is presently renting the house, but he is not making any profit from it, and is actually losing a little money. Not wanting to lose money on two properties, we will make a decision about this after we figure out my job situation. so thats it for us right now.

rick is plugging away at work, fully rejuvenated by the fact that i'll be flying out to see him in less than 3 weeks. We are meeting in Duabi, and flying back to Bahrain together. My layover was about 8 hours in DXB, so we felt it would be a better use of our time if we met there and were able to be together asap! Plus its only 100$ give or take to fly from bah to dxb, so its really worth it. It is going to be hard not to kiss him when i see him, but rather than run the risk of going to jail
we'll just hold off for the few hours and enjoy our time in the business class lounge, just being together....

My flight leave the US on Cinco de Mayo, and returns the 12th. Just a short little trip, but totally worth every dime. Yet another countdown begins....

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