11 April 2010

Jeeps, Shoes, and Soccer Games

many of you know i'm selling my jeep. i have shown it to a few people and one man even offered me cash on the spot, but it was $1500 less than i'm asking, and i'm asking for very little as it is. I priced it to sell, so i said no. Of course I can call him at any time that i change my mind in the hope that he hasn't found one (which he won't) - not in my price range, but the thing is, If i can get only $500 less than i'm asking, i will be allowed to spend that money however i want (the $500 excess that is). Handbag and shoes written all over it. Who knows the next time i'll be investing in another pricey bag or shoes. (i'm laughing right now b/c it occurs to me that i will probably be purchasing only one of each). I'm sure there is much better use for the money, and maybe i'll change my mind about what to invest it in, but right now, I really want to go shopping, even if i can only get a pair of shoes and a handbag. High quality goods last a very long time...  Unless of course you are living in my house and leave them on the floor. My dogs ate the last quality handbag i purchased. Italian leather tastes nice to dogs, but it doesn't process so well. Serves her right. She cried all night from the pain, but it passed. The pain that is. Now that i'm thinking about it. I have lost a LOT of things to the dogs. I bet over $1000-1500 in "stuff". Its just stuff, but i'd have a lot of really nice shoes right now. They only manage to eat one shoe though. Its quite frustrating because I had a lot of really nice right shoes without mates. I held onto them for a little while and finally had to let them go. They're just shoes. I can either pick them up, or face the consequences. When i find them though, they get pretty remorseful. At least Ellie does, as the picture below captures. I lived in those sandals most of last summer. i'm still bitter.

Presently Marley is digging in the couch. I think she believes there is something in there. Maybe there is. It is possible that she buried a bone there. She buries them everywhere else. Its cute to see half her body engulfed by the oversized cushion. I'm sure if i left them alone in the house long enough (days) they'd tear everything apart, but maybe not. The days that i walk them leave them with much less energy. today is not one of those days.

Today is sunday and I had a soccer game. We won 3-2. Another penalty kick given away, but other than that, we did quite well. The other team kept fouling us. I think i drew at least 4 or 5. I swear the other team was just kicking us for fun. It wasn't fun though. Not getting kicked. I think they were frustrated because the draw was so near, but they couldn't control the ball enough to get an equalizing goal. I have a deep bruise in my thigh from this one chicks knee. She is a pretty good player and I think a mother to go with it. Some of these moms out here amaze me. I'm pretty sore already and by tomorrow morning, based on a lot of experience, it will be hard for me to get out of bed. I'm getting too old for this sport - at least the way that i play. I run around as though I'm still 19.

so as i'm typing, Marley ate a Cadbury caramel egg right off my ottoman. Tin foil and all. How did they get so good at being so quiet in their mischievous ways. Oh well I guess she saved me 190 calories and 10 grams of fat. I should be thanking her probably. At least until my skinny jeans fit again. So, i wrote before about how i started a diet. I lost the first 6 pounds pretty quickly. I think i gained 2 of those back, but since i've only been going for 2 weeks, its probably better that way.  I think safely you can lose 2 a week.  rick has been exercising more and yesterday I saw him with his shirt off, I could really tell that he has been working hard. He is really slimming down. He is such a great husband, he is eating less fried food and really trying to incorporate a salad into his diet every day. That makes me a happy wife. I really can't wait to see him. He is coming to the US in July. This is a definite, so i know i will see him then, but i really don't think i can wait two and a half months to see him. It doesn't sound that long to me reading it but it has only been 2 weeks now and it feels like a month or so... I do love my husband so. I think our distance so early in the marriage is doing nothing more than strengthening our bond. Once we are together for good, we will appreciate that more than we could have had we not been put through this test. While we'll never be at 100% day for day, the years will pass us by, and we'll forget we were ever apart. I sure do wish i had a date set so that we could count down. God will see me through this just as he has everything else. Of this i am certain.

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