30 April 2010

Have you ever...

....Hated someone for no reason. I mean someone you never met?

You make fun of them, talk about them as though you actually know anything about them aside from a few facts you observe along the way or hear from someone else that may or may not even be true... and then you think horrible things of them, who they are and what they do become things you detest. You and your friends get together and bash this person. You talk about how much you despise them, but you don't even know them. Not really. And you dare to interpret their actions or words in whatever way suits you best, whether or not they are actually true, you don't care. You think you know who they are and you see through them...  Every fiber in your body cringes and screams when you think about them and when you see that other people you know actually like them... you just think, HOW CAN YOU LIKE THEM? And you feel betrayed by those traitors. for no reason at all. It is all completely illogical.

And then you meet that person. And suddenly you forget why you ever hated them. You realize that the things you hated about them, those things were made up, or taken out of context. Irrational thoughts fabricated in your  own delusional mind. And the more you get to know that person, the more ashamed and disgusted you feel about how you had the audacity and gall to judge them at all.... 

Think about it.... Am i talking about you?


  1. I hope not!! But I'm sure someone has thought that about me maybe hehe

  2. yeah i bet people do judge you because you're so freaking beautiful and have an amazing body, and who would've thought you'd have all those brains too :)
    Hate is proabably a strong a word here, but I think the message conveys

  3. This week in small group we studied James actually... talked a lot about judging a person based on what we see and not how God does (by their heart.) It's hard not to stereotype, but one of my goals is to make an effort to love everyone and get to know people based on the real person and not what we see. :P

  4. I totally get your message jennifer......what in the whole world is there to ever hate.......some people need to be able to think for themselves and not be influenced by what their mind congers (sp) up and what others are guilty of influencing them to think.......time.....the great healer of all, God's timing, but it sure gets old, doesn't it? Hayward here