04 April 2010

Happy Easter Indeed

Happy Easter.
It has been a week and a day since i took ricky to the airport. Today he called me several times while i was in church, so when i finally got out and saw all of the missed calls, i called him back thinking something was wrong. No. It wasn't. he just got out of work early due to it being Easter, and thought he would tell me about a surprise I had waiting for me at my house. He wondered why I hadn't communicated with him before church, well I was too busy waking up, getting dressed, and heading out the door. No time to chat. I went with my neighbors and their two little boys. We had a nice quiet ride to church. I gave the boys each a KinderEgg, and if you don't know what those are, they are probably my favorite in the world. Mostly because you cannot get them in the United States due to FDA blah blah blah....

These are the better of the other kinds of Kinder eggs I've had before, this is because in one half you have a toy and in the other half you have this vanilla stuff with two chocolate balls inside and a little spoon. The caveat of the toy is that it requires assembly, which isn't always the easiest. Braxton asked me to help him with his - He is only 4. Trevor is 6 and had no trouble at all assembling his own. I think they really liked them, and since you can't get them in the US, it felt nice to share. I have 2 more waiting for my nephews who I will be seeing in a few weeks! i cannot wait!!!! Carter is turning 3 and we are probably having a farm birthday party at my grandfathers house, complete with tractor rides and cows (since the cows sort of live there on the farm).....

That was a little tangent. I'll get back to the point. I get out of church and to the car and see that Rick had called a bunch. So i call him back. He is happy that i am there and excited to tell me that the gift he has been telling me is in the mail, is actually already in my house, but the thing is, I have to find it.... Oh boy. another surprise hunt begins. Well, this one was a bit easier than the last since it wasn't in my freezer and it was a lot bigger and more noticeable when i did finally spot it though he did hide it well.
Rick went to the trouble of purchasing a nice basket, and then some grass, and a ton of candy and toys and ANOTHER GREETING CARD!!! That's two cards in 8 days!  The basket even had a pretty pink bow that he also purchased separately. He went to the trouble of loading the basket (complete with toys, a HUGE chocolate bunny with super tall ears, and other eggs, sour jelly bellies, cadbury, peeps, etc..)  The idea that he went to the trouble of doing all this before he left, I guess while I was at work... the forethought that went into it and what not.

Boy, my life sure is going to be great if this keeps up. He sure is setting the bar awfully high. Proposing at our first meeting, taking me to fancy balls, whisking me away to Exotic places and fancy resorts, camels and beach resorts, super mario wii,  surprising me 12 days after i leave with a visit to my place, beautiful engagement and wedding rings (since i now have 2 engagement rings), road trips to texas where he gets really sick with a super high fever puking and letting me care for him (oh wait...  was this a perk?), being a super wonderful man, dog walks, cards in the freezer, and now an easter basket full of my favorite candy and then some. Who is this guy?I know these dont SEEM like the "little things", but if you read into it, they really are with an exception of the resorts and jewelry, which we know we can't do all the time. But really, i have really lucked out. Lets see if in 5 years from now, I still feel the same way. If not, we can all direct Mr. Beeman to my blog from today, the 4th of April in the year 2010, and let him know where the bar was set.... by him of all people.
On another note. It is presently raining pollen here in the carolinas. It is absolutely disgusting and everything is covered in about 2 mm of yellow residue. You wash it off, it just comes back. This is normal. The pines here pollinate anything that goes outdoors. I laid out in the sun today, and looked up and you could literally see the yellow haze, as though it were misting rain, but no, not rain... yellow disgusting pollen. I dislike this time of year and am so grateful to no longer have to drive around in my open air jeep. Yes the wrangler is a lot of fun, and having a convertible is super cool when the weather is hot like this - but breathing in all the pollen does a number on your respiratory system as well as the immune system after a while, so the trade off is not worth it. I look forward to next month for all this to end, maybe I'll still have the jeep by then so I can go on one or two last joy rides with the girls... for old times sake...

ellie on the left looks like a crackhead (i'm obviously guessing here) where crack implies pollen. You can see the deck is covered as is her mouth, she overdosed on the stuff.   Marley on the right taking a joy ride to the beach at the lake in the jeep... good times.

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