17 April 2010


i'm at my parents house right now. I drove down here today after sorting out some of my soccer stuff. Since i'm the captain/manager, i have to bring money for the referees. I have missed half of the games this season, which sort of stinks because i really like playing, but my sister and kids flew up, and since i'll be moving by the end of year, i want to see my sister and nephews as much as possible. Oh i guess my parents too :)
I had a lot of fun playing with Carter. We made up this game where we took the hose and filled up a bucket. Carter ran back and forth on the driveway in his underwear and I threw the bucket of water on him. We did this about 20 times. He tried to do it to me but the bucket was too heavy for him to lift in order to dump it on me. So we found a solution. WE filled it up and i threw the bucket of water straight up in the air and we both got wet. Its fun to hear him squeal with excitement and joy. He kept saying, this is amazing, and Oh my goodness, this is so fun Gigi, lets do it again.
When it was time to dry off, I picked him up, hung him upside down and spun him around until we were both dizzy. Spin Dry. We had to do it about 5 times before the "last time". The trick I learned years ago (which young children) you HAVE to have a "last time" or they won't ever stop. Carter and I have so much fun together. I mean soooo much fun.  I have spent tons of time with him since he was a baby, so we have a close bond. He tells me he loves me all the time. He is such a kind person, even at such a young age. Always telling me what he thinks is pretty. And he is quite obedient. He loves my dogs too. He loves playing with them and even called before i drove down and asked me to bring them for him. Too bad my sister won't take my dogs.

After we came inside, Rick called. Uncle Rick. We switched to Skype so that he could meet Carter. Rick gave me a giant Pooh Bear that talks and a Camel that makes noise. I also brought my leftover Easter Candy (since its not good for a diet anyways) and gave it to carter. Not the chocolate of course. i gave Giant Pooh to Brady since its more up his alley (sounds gross right?) and the camel to Carter for his birthday. I told Carter with each thing i gave him, This is from Uncle Rick. I was trying to gain Rick some favor with the three year old. It totally worked. Carter got on my lap and said Hi Uncle Rick. Thank you for my Camel. Then he proceeded to tell Rick about the water games we played. It was really cute. Rick tried to make jokes, but I dont' think his humor was suited for a 3 year old with the attention span of a goldfish. Ok, maybe its a bit longer, but not much. 
I took some decent pics and will be sure to take more tomorrow. I'll post pictures when i get home. Kids really wear you out. I'm not sure how i'll have as many as I think I want. It sure is taxing. I really have no idea how people can work fulltime AND run a household with small ones. I guess it doesn't help that i not only spend time with them, but I am very involved with playing. I put them in a wheelbarrow and carted them up and down a hill a few times. We walked the dogs and played with the dogs. Other stuff too. So i'm tired. I'm going to bed early. We have church (early service) in the morning, and if i stay up late, i'll never make it...

It sure is great to spend time with these kids.  Its the best escape from reality, and comes with so much joy. Having my own will be the best, but i'm not ready. I'm way too tired, and this was just a partial day. 

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