25 April 2010

A day at the farm....

My grandpa has a farm. Actually everyone has a farm in my family so it seems. Lots and lots of farmland. My grandparents live just outside of Charlotte in a small town. My grandfather raises, names, and eats his cows. I guess we eat them too. He has a tractor he uses to plow his field and transfer his cows from one pasture to the next. The tractor is sort of a novelty for a couple of Toddlers, though I'd hardly call Carter a toddler. He has the vocabulary of a 5 year old and the smarts to go along with it.

When i showed up at his house today, my grandfather and the kids were taking a tractor ride. Shortly after my arrival, they pulled up the long gravel driveway and Carter was grinning from ear to ear. Lori was standing beside me and her husband was on the tractor with Carter and my grandfather. Steve (my brother in law) stated that he couldn't tell Lori and I apart from the bottom of the hill. Normally i hate being compared to her BUT, from him that is a compliment. Carter was grinning from ear to ear when he saw me. For the rest of the day he was my shadow.  I tried to show him how to climb a tree, he was excited to see me do it. I've been climbing the same tree at my grandfathers house since I was a little girl. In the fall I used to shake pecans out of it so we could collect them before the squirrels would get them. I was in the mood to climb a tree today, so i came prepared in my favorite worn out blue jeans and a pair of tennis shoes. Carter was a little too small to climb yet, but he wasn't too small to hang from the branches and "swing like a monkey"... His words. My dad caught a lizard and a toad today for the boys to touch and hold. When he asked Carter what he liked the best, he pointed to Ellie. That's my boy!

We later drove to my grandmothers house. Since my parents were high school sweethearts, all of my grandparents live in the same zip code, which makes for a nice and easy Christmas. Only complicated by the divorce of my mothers parents, but it has always been like this as far as I am concerned. I am grateful that my grandparents waited until their children were out of the house before they divorced. Even if it were not a happy home, it was stable, and it was ran by both of the parents.  My grandmother does NOT have a child friendly house so we only stayed a short while. Carter put his carseat into my car and rode with me. We listened to Animaniacs Soundtrack while we drove as it was the only kid friendly CD I had, courtesy of Ricks Car - now my car - or OUR car i should say, though i'm driving it so its mine for now. There was a song on the CD that sounds like Barneys theme song. I think it was making fun of Barney, but Carter liked it because he recognized the tune. Go figure. Carter thought we were driving to my house so when we arrived, he asked where the big rocks were. I have huge rocks in my back yard and only through Skype has Carter seen. He was a little upset and wanted to leave my sister and come live with me, but when i told him i didn't have Max and Ruby, he was a little disappointed. I guess that was the deal breaker. 

Brady was still super excited to say my name and ran around saying gigi gigi gigi... It was good to see them these last two weekends, even if i only was able to see them for a bit today.  Steve and Rick will get along very well, so i'm excited to get to introduce them. It will probably have to wait for my graduation or Christmas. Whichever comes first. I hope that rick will make it to my graduation. I hope I make it to my graduation.. Whenever that will be.

The rest of my weekend (yesterday) was spent running errands and working on an outline for my advisor. I'm leaving for Bahrain in 10 days, so i guess i better get moving! I finally changed the broken belt on my vacuum! What a relief, my house looks a million times better. I watched Hurt locker last night and cleaned my living room. It was a great movie. I bought Snatch again as well. I lost half of my DVDs a few years ago, so its nice to rebuild my collection. I have no idea which ones i lost anymore, but i have over 50 movies, and I love watching the same movie again, so i'll never get bored. Of course, not the crappy ones. Those i try not to purchase. I own this one movie called Saved, and it is hilarous. Anyone that has gone to a Christian private school can relate to it. And there is this one scene (my favorite) Where Macaulay Culkin (who is in a wheel chair), holds up a sign and says, Will Dance for Money, and he does this little rock back and forth and a Ta-Da with his hands. I have watched that clip alone about 50 times because it makes me laugh so hard. I do love a good laugh. Anytime i laugh so hard i cry its a good laugh.And I do love MCulkin. Hes quite funny and dark. He's only 3 days older than me which is weird because by the time home alone was released, he was already 2 years older then his character, and so i've always felt so much older than him.... But i'm not.... The Good Son and Party Monster just show how diverse that kid can be, but here I am again, calling him a kid. I should be calling him Sir. After all, 3 days is like forever. Isn't it?

Oh man, its past my bed time. Signing off.

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