24 April 2010

Crows in the tree and Dreaming

i'm being literal here about the crows. There are about 3 crows (maybe more) in a tree in my backyard. I have a lot of super big trees in my yard. Its quite nice. Especially after seeing how now-a-days they take huge farm or field or whatever and plow it over, and then build a bunch of houses as close together as possible. And there is no shade because the land is just plowed over. I feel so lucky to have a huge yard with trees and a creek (that would have been awesome had i still been a 10 year old rather than nearly 30.. but maybe for old times sake i'll go build a dam and swim in it ) So trees. Crows. Its quite annoying. I seriously thought there was a great migration going on. Now I feel more like i'm stuck in an Alfred Hitchcock movie.. If its not one bird its the next. Still no woodpeckers that I can tell. There's nothing like being woken up at 6am to the chirp chirp chirp of baby birds waiting for that worm. They wren't kidding with the saying "The early bird gets the worm"  I'm in Aviary heaven... I will admit it is nice to drink a pot of coffee while watching the red cardinals, the yellow headed woodpeckers, the blue jays, the robins, and the like fly about, but the crows... Nobody likes a crow. Theyre big and loud. And have been caw caw cawing outside of my window since 6am. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!

Today is going to be a good day. I'm going to get a haircut in a few hours, which im totally excited about even though I know the husband will say "why are you cutting your hair, i like it long". style honey. style. When i wear my hair in a pony tail for two weeks straight, its time for a cut. I have pretty great hair as far as manageability. its fairly straight and fine, but its also thick. Not like super thick (my mom has super thick hair) but for a blonde with straight hair, its pretty darn thick. When i have kids my hair will turn darker. I'm bummed out about that. it happens to most blondes i know except the truely Scandinavian friends I have. My sisters hair is darker than mine, i sure do like being a blonde. Mostly because i have dyed my hair other colors and i looked horrible, so letting it stay its true color has been what works for me. In my familys last portrait, taken before either myself or my sister got married, my hair had just been dyed brown. It is by far the ugliest picture of me on the entire planet. I look better 20 pounds heavier and blond than 20 pounds lighter and brunette. I don't know why, but God made me blonde and clearly the other colors don't work that well, though secretly I love myself as a red head .... :) Its like role playing. I get to be someone else for a little while.
And then its back to being me again. Red, no matter how permanent the dye is, never stays in my hair for very long. But i have learned which ones wash out quicker than others. I have another box of the dye, typically I do it right after thanksgiving and before Christmas. But alas, it always washes back to blonde. Whats a $5 box of dye anyways.

Last night I had a dream about a girl I have known since I was three. Her name is Lindsey. We were born on the same day, I was about 2 hours older than her. I remember she was born in Indiana, and i told her that. She was surprised (in the dream) that I had remembered, but then again, I have been blessed with the most incredible memory. My best friends Anna and Piper always referred to me as "The Vault". I've known them since age 6 and Birth respectively. I recall so many things from my life. Memories as early as age 2 and 3. Seriously great and vivid memories. The rest of the dream from last night is irrelevant, at least for sharing, its not yours to know, but the point is. I have the most vivid and real dreams. I always have. They are amazingly accurate about details and facts from past and present life. Its quite remarkable. Sometimes they are based in the future. Only I don't realize they are until the future has come to pass. Then I realize, I had dreamed about that very thing. Ok, I realize how that must sound, but its really cool. So i dream and I dream often. I think this is why sometimes I wake up more exhausted than before I had gone to sleep. My dreams reveal things to me. They are quite metaphorical. Im not really sure why I dream about people that i haven't even given thought to in quite some time, but I guess if i'm honest. I had thought about Lindsey a few months ago. She's my non-biological twin. My twinsey to her twinnifer (we made this up when we were 11)... And i remember it all. She helped me curl my bangs in the early 90s. Oh yeah! I wasn't that great at being a girl until my 20s. I'm still learning. I think i learned how to use liquid eyeliner right before i went to bahrain. NO kidding. I"m not a makeup girl. I"m a ponytail, blue jeans, lets go climb a tree and dig in the dirt type of girl. Often i wish i had a job where i could do just that. I also would like to just blow off this world and go to Costa Rica, live in a tent, and surf all day. Then again, there's nothing like a hot shower and a pretty dress to make you feel like a woman. I do love being a woman and I LOVE wearing dresses. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I think i talked abotu my dresses a few weeks ago. Well I just added a few to the collection. I think its about time for a garage sale. I have way too many things. But for now, itstime to lay out on my deck, listen to the crows, and get ready waiting for my hair cut.

I think it is really starting to heat up in the Middle East. I'll be there in less than 2 weeks! I can't wait. I plan to kayak and swim if i can. three months has made a big difference in the temperature of the water. I like to say Vast Difference, but it reminds me of a sex ed joke. I'll save it for later. but that just shows another thing that i learned over ten years ago that still resonates in my mind. yup.
Marley has a new girlfriend. She likes the blondes too:

I'll leave you with this song. I hope the link works. I posted it on my facebook account but not all of you have access to that. This song reminds me of Rick and myself. We are separated by an ocean, and i'll be goign home soon. Wherever Rick is living, is where my home will be. He is home to me.

Plus i'm pretty lucky that for the rest of my life, all of his love and affections will be directed towards me. It may have gone elsewhere over the years, but now it is mine, all mine,  and that will never change until the day i die.

"I am just in awe at how amazing you are. How you managed to slip through the grasps of all the other grasping fingers and fall into my arms I think proves that there is a God. You are custom made for me. I have to be one of the most blessed men in all the planet." - Rick

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