02 April 2010

Better Sooner than Later

For those of you that are still scratching your heads - and not my friend on facebook - i will reiterate what I tried to say at the end of my blog yesterday. It was an april fools joke and I tried to convey that with the picture of our heads on baby bodies overlining the TEXT happy april fools. BUT i suppose the ultrasound was quite convincing. The magic of something as simple as a paint pad

so, again. I am not pregnant. I appreciate the well wishes. And those of you that say be careful what you wish for, it will be perfectly ok with me if i have twins. why not? maybe i'll have 2 sets of twins and get the four kids i always wanted. 

rick and I plan to spend about 2 years married before we decide to have a baby. Clearly we need to live on the same continent, as well as the same house. But we both agree that first we need to really establish a lot of time together before we take that next step. 

The first part might have been rushed, but we certainly dont want to rush the rest. We have a lifetime together.
why not enjoy the first bit alone. WE have an entire world to explore!

Aint i a stinker?

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