21 March 2010

Where the heck is Grapevine, Texas

Its near dallas. That's where. I also saw a sign for a place called Flower Mound. I wonder how many other places in texas are named after living things??? Houston for Sam Houston. so thats another living breathing being. Flowers are alive. Magnolias are alive. Grapevines are living... I could go on and on about this but i think i'm done. No, i'm not. Garland, Is garland living or is it that chintzy tinsel stuff you find at christmas? Little Elm, Pear Valley, Buffalo. Thats another one. Can I count Personville too? We passed a sign for Italy today. That was pretty neat except I really don't think it would be the same as Italy in Europe. No. I'm going to take my chances here and say i seriously doubt its the same. Texas has some amazing sunsets. I remember that well. My brother went to school out here and I think that might be the one thing that i can remember but it has been a little while since then. We have family in Buffalo or somewhere near there. I think i might have ridden a horse once but riding horses scares me a bit. Id do it if i had to but i think its mostly the fear of the unknown. Sure ive been on a horse a few times but i always get the horse that threatens to fall over or throw me off. I think it would be amazing to run really fast on a horse... I think gallop? or even faster. Like in a western when Jesse James tries to get away... but i prefer to just admire them from afar and stay grounded.

So currently Ricky running a few errands. He has work tomorrow. Business stuff. And i will probably sleep in if i can. Maybe do a little work. We dropped off a ton of things at goodwill today from his house. I think we downsized from 20 boxes and bags to less than 5. We did a great job.  It was fun too. I got to rummage stuff and see the remnants from his former life... Screen Plays, Head Shots, newspaper clippings. Boxes of Beta Tapes, cassette tapes (which all got tossed b/c who in the world has a tape deck any more?? Cassette Tape?Tape deck? Whats that? HUH?  ), VHS,  lots of old stuff and TONS of stuffed animals. I mean TONS. boxes and boxes, and some clothes and other miscellaneous items. WE dropped off a big load to Goodwill and then hit the road to Dallas... and apparently rick loves frogs, I suppose his frat in college was associated with a frog or something, but since we had our first kiss,  he turned into a handsome young prince. Sooo, he's not a frog anymore so out they went with everything else....
Also since our last name is Beeman... there are tons of bees around too. So black and yellow isn't really my thing, but there are some nice things out there with bees on it and i guess i'm going to have to cave eventually. After all, i'm a beeman for the rest of my life. But I'll always always always be a Sloan. Ask anyone. Sloan is just my name. Once in college a kid came up to me (underclassman) and asked me Sloan, what's your last name. My reply, Sloan. confusion wiped over the kid. So your name is sloan sloan.? Sure kid. Whatever you say.

We went to Lakewood Church today too. We got to sit right up front because i was visiting, then we met Joel Osteen. He has an amazing church and following. Its great to see the working, and I really hope that he is not ever going to be one of those pastors that gets caught up in the "celebrity" of it all, and misses the mark. I mean really, there have been a lot of pastors that started out great and then lost sight of God and were really used to trash Christianity and especially the community of Church. I sincerely believe that he is not like that, and that he is genuine, and good. I guess we will wait and see as life unfolds for us all. I mean we have Jim Bakers, and Jimmy Swaggert, Ted Haggard... And there are surely more out there, and probably some i haven't named. Anyways, my point is that Lakewood Church is the largest church in the United States. And i witnessed first hand the people that are being impacted by the gospel, but the message being taught by Joel, and the spirit moving in these people. IT was pretty great to be able to attend and be a part of it today. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope God continues to bless the church and that only good will come from it. Its nice to see good examples of Christianity. there are so many bad examples out there.... We all fall short, but when you stand in front of many, you are called to a higher purpose and must lead by example.

Anyways, that was sort of a side note. I really enjoyed the sermon, it was a great one for Rick and I to hear and very reassuring. We had a great weekend. WE had a lot of fun and the trip isn't over yet. Tomorrow Rick is set out to work and then we hit the road. We're not sure which route we'll take, where we will stop, or how long we will drive, but we do know we'll have a great time. Well Romeo is back and i'm done so that is that. Until next time.

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